AZEALIA BANKS Cashes In The Old Her – Looks Forward To A Better New Year

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You know I’m all for it. The moment my heart touched the pen and bled ink to a page I naturally fell into writing from nothing but introspective, reflective, self-efficacious point of view and so begat my slogan since the day 2001 day I opened my novel site page: “fiction & nonfiction writer of erotic, introspective, reflective, self-efficacious & metaphysical literature

That said, when I see it, I’m either a magnet or all ears (or heart).

AzBeefSo listen.

The turn of the new year has yielded some reflection and introspection of one of the most surprising artists whose tantrums supersede her talent such that for many, her introduction to the world was by way of her antics over her adlibs.

After initiating social media wranglings with the likes of Erykah Badu, Iggy Azalea, T.I. and his wife Tiny + at (@) several others like Pharrell, Lil Kim and several others, by the time rapper Azealia Banks made her way at (but not @) the likes of pop princess Rihanna just last week, perhaps someone who truly cared about her well being enough to pull her to the side to talk to her about treading into such territory to prevent what all of R&B social media and music industry would call the Keri Hilson effect: Where the gumption to come off the hip and come for the likes of the Beyonce is rumored to have caused her career suicide that ever since, (be the rumors are true or not (that hardly anyone with work with/produce for her or not) the fact of the matter is: Things haven’t been the same for Keri Hilson since the “You’re Turning Me Off” diss. This much we know is true.

Either way however, despite the mounting footprint of kicking dirt at her musical colleagues, the talented rapper (Azealia) almost got her chance to dance with the Rihanna on her greatly anticipated, long awaited, not yet released album called “Anti.” Last week however, it was reported that she spoke to soon about having a song done and completed with the pop star because sometime in between allegedly having blabbered it, Rihanna and/or her team had been song selecting and hers was not chosen.

RihannaUhUnAZ Unfollows RihannaWhether that part be true or no, this much we know is true: Last week, Azealia did what she’s become best know for; dropping side tweets at (what was believed to be) Rihanna—but not actually “@” Rihanna…she knew better than that (because we all know Rihanna will, and is known to Rihspond). In turn, she unfollowed Rihanna.

Fast forward however, end December can be an emotional, and in her Gemini case, mental time to reflect back on some things (or people) throughout the year and perhaps make the decision to correct errors in our ways or take baby steps in reinventing or revitalizing who we are, or know we can be.

For the first time, in all these Twitter streets and cryptic tweets years, the self-proclaimed Rap Rapunzel Azealia Banks gambled on humbling, and laughing at herself:

Azealia is currently working on her second studio album following her critically acclaimed, successful debut Broke With Expensive Taste and recently dropped the album’s first single Count Contessa



As well her movie Coco (thus far) co-stars Common, OITNB’s Lorraine Toussant, Lucient Laviscount, and Jill Scott, is slated for release on March 11, 2016 and is supposed to be about the competitive world of spoken word poetry…I mean, Common, Jill Scott…duhhhhh.

So from the looks of things, look forward to Azealia’s 2016 to be filled with all the antithesis of what she’d infamously had become known to be!

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