What’s A Girl To Do When The Man You Love No Longer Wants You? Singer KMICHELLE Claims Her ‘Swan Song’ of an Email To Ex Lover IDRIS ELBA Was ‘Leaked’, What Say You?

Idris Elba Penis 2Due to the debonair nature of their accents, Brits can get away with a lot unthinkable things and can be pretty much considered posh and proper until proven guilty. So when a “hood” chick with a southern draw and a tongue like a gun who [at any moment will wear hair like the sky or sun] gets caught into the arms and charms of such a type, what’s a girl to do?

Take singer K. Michelle for instance who, thanks to social media, has earned quite the reputation that concludes varying summaries of ‘depending on who you ask.’

Idris ElbaBetween dating, and getting dumped by a ball player or two (or three) and an alleged domestic violence past with a music industry dude having been played all across social media and given the back story of her position on the popular VH1 hood hit reality show franchise Love and Hip Hop, its no wonder that a chick of her caliber would be quite smitten with an A-list actor and Brit that would take her behind the curtains and dip—off to somewhere tucked away where obviously, she was swept away: up, and off her feet to bliss and glee.

Along came a full album that she claimed was solely about him, completely packaged with a romanticized, unrequited love lost, full-on campaign where she dropped his name-having repeatedly told the world he wish her well but right now…then…whenever…just wasn’t their time.

Shortly thereafter comes along a song proclaiming “they think that I love ‘em but I love ‘em all,”

an ode of the broken hearted girls who claim to have made it somewhere over the rainbow but secretly keep tears that drop in silence that instead: makes them. I NEVER believed (or believe) this detached woman claims to be, with the ability to date, have sex, and move on (like she claims to be able to DO in the upcoming letter). That’s every woman’s

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