THE LOX’s STYLES P & JADAKISS Open Chain of Juice Bars in NYC Impoverished Neighborhoods To Promote Good Health

Typically we don’t associate rappers with “Juicing” but these two certain got “The Jucice.”


Health is wealth and my ultimate test of discipline in life is to live to eat and eat to live: Juicing—at least 90% of the way.

If you don’t know much about juicing, it can be looked at as the tasty side of the multivitamin: nutrients from food being blended (versus cooking, frying or baking them away during preparation) that once blended; can easily be digested right into the body with proper nutrient absorbs immed-jat-ly!



Even if you’re not a vegetable lover, dropping a mango in with broccoli, kale, and even some peas will make that meal in a cup taste like heaven!



Well hip hop artists Styles P and Jadakiss (The Lox) are about that health is wealth life and raising awareness in impoverished neighborhoods of New York [about the benefits] of juicing.D-Block

As opposed to what the guys remember growing up on (pastries, chips, soda and other sugary ‘juice’), the guys have joined forces in opening several healthy juice bars [called] Juices For Life in an effort to promote healthy living.

Inspired to change their own lifestyles, the pair are advocating and committed to passing on the necessity on.

Kiss tells Huffington Post :

“You’re going to get

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