50 CENT’s “Power” Renewed, RICK ROSS Arrested, 50 Cent To Face The Music For Defamation of Rick Ross’ Baby’s Mama SEX TAPE SCANDAL


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In the words of one of my favorite rap remixes that I bump daily, still:

“I fckd my money up. I bought another Rolls Royce. To pick my homies up. Top back like: “oh boy.” –Rick Ross

All it takes is a rap dream brought to fruition to turn a good-guy (slash) corrections officer to a bad-guy rapping about the streets and (per street terms): eventually “getting it how he’s living it.”

Layman: Art imitating life, and that makes dream “real” from all sides I guess.

Born William L. Roberts, rapper Rick Ross, who, as we reported to you, won the legal rights win and keep the street gangster’s name [that he chose as a stage name upon morphing into “Rick Ross”], was apprehended yesterday in Atlanta and arrested on marijuana charges (5 rolled joints).


Charged inadvertently, when initially stopped and pulled over for a window tint violation, Fayetteville County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson J. Allen Stevens confirmed Roberts’ booking in the county jail yesterday afternoon.

Riding shotgun with a passenger in his Bentley, once pulled over-the officer smelled usual suspect: Ganja.

Upon closer examination, a misdemeanor amount of the substance was found, and as a result, Ross was taken in and booked but cited for the window tint violation.



Magical things happen once you’re too busy taking care of business as things are looking up for you…You don’t have the time to be cryptic, or hate and antagonize–that’s because you’re too busy taking care of business….

download (2)Having said that…all happenings considered, once upon at time-a situation like such would be music to Ross’ arch rap enemy: [50 Cent—whose real name is Curtis Jackson]’s ears, but seeing as though the aggravating and menacing rapper turned business man has much bigger fish to fry, he probably won’t be reveling in Ross’ weed woes and public misdemeanor mishaps as, the Starz show he created (and stars in: Power) scored high ratings at its second season return premier night (June 6). As a result of that, in advance, Power was renewed for a third season!

After grossing 3.62 million viewers, the popular New York based drama proved worthy of being renewed in advance, and only after the first epi drop of the second season (June 6).

Reportedly, the 3.62 million viewership is a network record for the most watch pre-DVR epi of an original series to date.

Power will return in 2016 (season 3) with 10 new epi’s ordered on top of the 9 more to be aired this current season 2.

Power is a project I have been passionate about since day one,” said Jackson. “I am glad the audience loves the show as much as we do, and we are just getting started.”

Having said all that however, as we reported to you-end May-Jackson’s reported 11th hour business bankruptcy filing news affording him the ability to finagle his way out of the lawsuit filed by Ross’ baby’s mother (for defamation of 50 posting a sex tape of her online), since then-reportedly, his claiming broke is not going to work and 50 will indeed have to face the music regarding that.

50MoneyAccording to NY Daily News:

A federal judge Thursday refused to let the music entrepreneur duck a state trial by filing a federal bankruptcy petition for his boxing promotion company.

Judge Katherine Failla separated the two cases at the request of a young Florida mother who accuses the rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, of humiliating her and invading her privacy by posting a video on the Internet of her having sex with a boyfriend. 50 Cent insists that his rival, rapper Rick Ross, is the culprit, but Lastonia Leviston, 36, says Jackson posted the video in 2009 to taunt Ross because he knew that Ross is the father of her child. She said the fact that it got 4 million viewers made her deeply depressed and suicidal.


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