Police Officer Eric Casebolt Resigns In Lieu of McKinney Pool Video Gone Viral – Teen Victim Speaks Out

The police officer caught on tape for body slamming a young, African-American teen at the McKinney, Texas pool party has a name that too, is removed from the roster.

Cpl. Eric Casebolt’s resignation is in full effect after protestors marched near the scene of the incident that took place on June 5.

Although the McKinney Fraternal Order of Police deny the incident was racially motivated, the outcry stemming from the cell-phone video taped evidence sparked a national outcry gone viral. The footage shows the white officer physically mishandling and swinging the 14 year-old teen around such that it ultimately ended up being a complete body slam finished off by tying her hands behind her back and placing his knee right in it while she cried with her face push in the very grass he grabbed her head and pushed it in-as if she were animal.


Several reports of “he-say, he-say” have circulated the world wide web about all that didn’t make the tape: alleging that some kind of altercation occurred which led to the police being called [hence officer Casebolt’s emotion as shown on the video tape].



The fact of the matter is: We still have yet to see all these (alleged) goings on that occurred that led to officers being called HOWEVER, what we DO see (as proof non alleged) is a pretty tamed group of teens running from an expletive-filled, over reacting out of control officer who at one point in the video, even pulls his gun out and proceeds to chase several unarmed teens.


THAT’s what we DO know is true and fact and so far, that’s all we have to go by: What we see.


The fact of the matter is (as it pertains to evidence), Trayvon Martin’s parents lost a case and a son over the killer saying it was him yelling “help” several times. Even when the first shots were fired [that missed Trayvon] TRAYVON continued to scream “help”—only to be shot in the chest and silenced (to death).

There is NO actual footage (only audio) of SEEING Trayvon Martin scream for his life [the words]: “help.” And looking back in hindsight, the ONE thing that WOULD HAVE given his parents the justice they so deserved were five simple words “He’s trying to kill me.” Because considering the FACT that he’s the one that ended up dead, George Zimmerman couldn’t have gotten away with claiming + confusing the jury as to whether or not the man “trying to kill me” was him or no. The man who did the killing is alive and walking the streets. And the young man screaming “help” is dead now.

That being said, save your he-say, she-say and extended soliloquies about what allegedly lead to the officers being called. What we SEE is proof of an over zealous cop whose emotion is on 10 in atmosphere and crowd of teens whose emotion is on (by comparison) and Chief of Police having given a press conference (3:24-3:47) using words like: “the 14 year-old was temporarily detained” (by this mad-man of an officer) and “anytime you confront a large group of people tensions can arise,” when the ONLY “tension” came from that officer who very well SHOULD HAVE resigned his badge.


(And for the record-something well-taught in criminal psychology too, by the way): When an emotional situation is at hand, VERY rare can people recall what really and actually happened.

So with the being so as well, still, we only have what we SEE…and THAT’S the point at which any crimes and disorderly conduct occurred: by Officer Eric Casebolt ONLY who, according to the few seconds on that video tape exhibited beyond a reasonable doubt: He is THOROUGHLY  incapable of handling a “real” hostile crowd if he couldn’t control his emotions in a situation like this-where the ONLY hostility came from HIM.






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