When “Fixing” Goes Flat: IYANLA’s “Fix My Life” Guest MAIA CAMPBELL Relapsed & Caught With Her Slip Hanging–Again Does Iyanla Owe It To Her To Help Her?

Somewhere along the road and rough terrain, Iyanla Vanzant’s fixing went flat (let Maia Campbell’s people tell it).

If you remember (two years ago), troubled actress Maia Campbell agreed to be apart of an epi of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” where Iyanla (who too claims to have been a friend of/known personally) Maia’s mom: (the late) best selling author Bebe Moore Campell 72-Hour Hold.

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*opens five fingers, makes repeated circles

Ok so since all-a-dat (in addition to the run in she had this past February as noted in the link above), Maia’s been caught around town with her slip hanging a bit (like shown in the above-posted link): On tape-yet again-in compromising (slash) questionable dispositions and looking to be proof of her having relapsed back to the Maia she was really working hard to overcome, unfortunately.

Here are some of those recent sightings (where, reportedly-Maia was at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, in the restroom trying to sell used flat irons and hair care products to passengers and TSA workers).




A statement was released onto Maia’s social media page by her manager confirming that Maia is indeed going through some things that rather than exploit and laugh at her about, prayers “help,” and well wishes would be greatly appreciated.

In the statement, the manager stated that Maia needed additional help and reached out to people who turned their backs on her.

There was no sub-posted and innuendo about it. The manager named Iyanla as being one of those “people” who Campbell [quote] “asked help and support [from] and the doors where slammed right in her face” [unquote].

Special thanks is noted and given to entertainers: Brandy, Monica, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim and reality star: Yandy Smith.

Special nudge asked be given to Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey in the form of a IG @ tagging so that hopefully Maia’s toe won’t be.

Here is that statement:

Maia_Manager Maia_Manager2


What say you?

What say me? I say this:

Unknown-2A show/interview/intervention is a show just like any other show on television: for “show.”

Even with an intervention or sit-down; no matter how serious, deep, life-altering or affirming the pow-wow is, the show host doesn’t owe it to their guests to friend them after the show (I repeat: no matter her serious, deep, life-altering or affirming the sit-down or intervention was).

If Iyanla was truly a friend of her mother’s…then yes, she should step up beyond the cameras and help Maia.

That girl is out here.

Whether close or tumultuous, losing your mother that you were close to is a hard battle to fight in and of itself. Even being of sound body and mind, having lost my own mother who I was close to (and too-had emotionally tumultuous moments with), too; still, it’s hard. For a while you kinda regress back to being a needy little girl all over again in spurts. As well, you still have questions that by habit you could pick up the phone and ask your mother that eventually-you can’t get answered anymore. And no matter who else may have an answer-no one has the answer like you need it from your mother. No one. I feel for her in that regard. Being not of sound mind, that could set her back at anytime (PTSD/post traumatic stress disorder)–in conjunction with whatever other issues she may have.

On the other end, exactly what does “helping” Maia [mean]–in/with Maia’s condition/state of being? That is the question.

It’s evident (and known) that she has some mental challenges that (with meds) are controlled. So in that regard, “help” can happen–but only for as long a Maia wishes to receive that kind of help.

images (30)

As far as her (rumored) substance abuse (if true) whether it be Maia or anyone: I never believed there was actually a “cure” for substance abuse and the only “cure” is to not put yourself around it or other people doing it. And that too (even with “help”) would require that Maia insisted on that, too.

So… I dunno.

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