LA REID Partners With SONY Against TIDAL Who Had Talks With RHAPSODY Who Had Already Been Dealing With LA REID


Now we know why that pow wow with Rhapsody went bust-you know, that one were we reported Jay Z had his eye on the music service and sources say that pow-wow ended up with “no can do” as its bottom line.

Well reportedly, something else had been under way (with Rhapsody) in which L.A Reid: music mogul, Epic Records exec (which too, is a division of Sony Music Entertainment) had obviously been in talks with the music service already-bidding to buy a large share of Rhapsody—and partner with Tidal rival: Sony.


Sources say Reid bought equity in L.A private based investment firm (Pegasus Capital Group) to assist with funding on the venture. The source stated “[Reid] received a waiver from Sony to personally buy into Rhapsody, but industry talk is that Sony is basically going to own a large piece of Rhapsody.”

In the midst of all this, Tidal’s rival (Sony) has been battling Tidal over its licensing deal-asking $35 million of Tidal to allow music from its artist (like Tidal exec Jay Z’s wife: Beyonce) to be streamed on the struggling new music service…292A07D100000578-0-image-a-20_1432875437368


Tidal is not quite ready to hang up its headphones just yet.



Still (on top of the other ‘still’s’ we’ve reported on this music messy) Tidal’s still waters insist on running deep.

The streaming service is pulling a Bill Gates/Microsoft of sorts: offering its products (services) to college students at a discounted price.

Any college student with an email address ending in .edu will be eligible for a 50% discount (which means its basic service of $9.99 with be around $4.99 instead-the $20.00 one at $10.00).

Additionally, for their prospective customer’s convenience, Tidal just launched a desktop version of its app.

Other Tidal “perks” reportedly are that it has partnered with Ticketmaster to offer early tour date access and information, giveaways, and other discounts and pre-sales of their favorite artists concerts and shows.

Granted, time of the essence and there is a war going on.

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But all this bribing and begging gone public and in the hands of the person by which the need comes from makes their fight harder-subtly and secretly harder than fighting the company rivals that be.

I don’t care if its in business, personal or otherwise: You can’t “need” things, business and especially people (who don’t know you personally/love you) more than they should “need” you. When those people sniff your need and it’s accompanied by so many layers of begs, they pull back and play you crazy. When you’re in a position like that, your only recourse is to produce, create or monopolize a “need”—that they will turn around and need and can’t get from nowhere else-like you what you bring to the table (or experience).

But then again, I guess that goes back to what Tidal’s trying to do.

It’s rough out here in these Interneck skreetz aint it?



So yeah. About Microsoft FYI:

You know I’m a part-time geek, inventor (and full-time way-maker) soooo..(to answer a few people and twist the caps back of others) I stay up on things like such… *lean in (not just celebrity shenanigans)-these things are merely the “vehicle” for all else that I do and am interested in-for the record.

At any rate.

Microsoft’s “punishment” for and inventing such a worldwide use and vehicle into the Information Superhighway (Internet), was such that it handicapped other businesses to a point where they could not compete with Microsoft. So the government was basically like: “We can’t let you monopolize a need that all US citizens have a need for-for the price that you charge at that. Considering the fact that you barely have a competitor, we’re gonna force you to offer a large part of U.S/institution business: Colleges and Universities-your product at at near giveaway price (versus the market selling price).

So in a government ruling, Microsoft had to make all its software products (that they sell in college computer stores) available to college students for like: $5 and $10 bucks! So like: A $1000 software program would be (for a college student: $5 bucks). Seriously.

I bought so much Microsoft software that even still, I haven’t even opened a couple packages.

This has been going on for like 7/8 years now. The option is still available for college students but its so low and hush-hush.

No you know. Go grab your current class schedule, college i.d and get go get yours 🙂

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