Newly Married OSI UMENYIROA Claims To Be Sorta “Manti Teo’d”: Says Disparaging Texts Gone Viral Were Sent By A Man

Hey look.

If we told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times, when OtherSideoftheFame blogvertises, advertises you, writes you up or simply blogs: We vibrate, and our words resonate and travel…

There’s another good side to all that (could have) possibly ruined bliss for a blog, and subject we just blogged a couple days ago.


So whether conspiring in the manifestation of dreams (or holding on to bliss)…hey-we’ll take being a “media” force that vibrates and resonates out into the universe already. Okay?

Welp, we just pointed you to a blog where a woman decided to take to social media narrate her situation with Osi Umenyiroa and too-post (alleged) texts between herself and the ball player who (just this past weekend) married 2011 Miss Universe Leila Lopes.

Low and behold, word obviously got back to the happy couple who sent this statement (with Osi-for starters-claiming that this was nearly a Manti’Teo type of situation where the posts where put out by a man rather than a woman and that too, they-he and his new wife-are having it investigated).

For the record, in advance, he wanted to “hail” all who still does not believe him:



Play with his statement as you wish. And I’ll just sit it right here and move on:

“We strongly condemn the vicious and malicious lies that have recently been perpetuated all over the media.”

“We already know that these lies are a coordinated effort by a single unstable MALE source to malign and discredit an otherwise joyous and highly successful occasion. An appropriate legal recourse is currently in effect.”

“We are pleased to report that the expected result from this individual has been an abysmal failure. We are fortified, strong, and extremely happy. We look forward to a prosperous life together.”

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