Instagram Intervention: Football Player OSI UMENYIORA’s Side Piece Spills The Beans After He Weds LEILA LOPES This Past Weekend + Singer TIFFANY EVANS Blasts Cheating Husband

Instagram is slowly moving on to a bigger and needier form of therapy well past self-esteem boosts and make-ups for suffering, loss of attention or [having] lacked thereof-in childhood and those teen impressive years that are instrumental in shaping the adults we are/become.

Move over y’all.

Here of late, the platform has become a therapeutic sounding board of sorts where it’s held some of the most personal, dirty little secrets that (before it, or social media’s birth) were merely wrangles and pains were shared among friends, family, and anyone else available to lend us an ear.


Hear ye, hear ye.

“Fam” is a buzzword often used by people when referring to their social media followers and with whom they share pages with. So without further “a-due,” these things were done.

Let me set the tone for this first one. Press play and continue reading:


Firstly (you may or may not know) that 2011’s Miss Universe Leila Lopes and football player Osi Umenyiora wed over the weekend in her native country Luanda, Angola.

All’s been blissful and quiet on the Western front since the ceremony-that is…until a woman he had (allegedly?) been seeing up to, through and until the very day he married Lopes decided to step to the alter.


Osi Umenyiora_2011MissUniverse Leila Lopes


Under the Instagram nick of “LiesOfMirrors,” the woman had plenty to say. I’ll just sit this these right here. Play with it as you wish:





Moving on.

Singer Tiffany Evans (who I barely noticed since the last time she’d been on the scene and I had seen her: w/Ciara “Promise Ring” and  Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”)…





…is going through some pretty tough times herself in her marriage as, she took to Instagram and aired out her current situation: A cheating husband.

Situations like these are really sad because in the bigger scheme of things, these social media public displays of the woes in our personal lives take on a life all their own.

They end up emotionally backfiring like the opposite-equivalent of that annoying Facebook friend hopping up and down the timelines all night and day saying and doing anything possible for attention, all the way through that incessant subtweeter who sets themselves up for programming within them; a poison and daily need and elixir of subtweeting you for attention from you that all-is really about one thing: a cry for help, or attention, or some sort of validation, or verification of something.

The problem is, because of the majority of the people in audience of it don’t know you personally, it ends up being entertainment or something to laugh at, gossip about, or point fingers at (rather than it securing the help, pep talk, or attention they really need).

It’s sad actually, and although Tiffany deleted hers, the Internecks were watching, so…here goes:



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