Inside Actual Footage of BRUCE JENNER’s VANITY FAIR Photo Shoot As ‘Caitlyn’: “This shoot was about my life and who I am as a person. It’s not about the fanfare”

With the news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally being pregnant with their second (male gender) child-whether or not their first born: North West is going to get a “South East West” or a “South West” for a brother remains to be known.


What we do know for sure is that the Internet was surely broken today: Bruce Jenner finally made his her transition–down to even having picked a name for himself herself, baby!: “Caitlyn.”

With K-names running throughout the female Kardashian/Jenner clan (Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall) it seems as if it would behoove Bruce Jenner to give himself herself a ‘K’-name (notttttt).

That being the case, we’re just going to have to settle with the consonant and fact that Caitlyn-like “Courtney” can either be spelled with a ‘K’ and sounds like a ‘K’ nonetheless].

On to other and bigger things.

All sexy, tucked and glammed up, Vanity Fair was the first to have “Caitlyn” grace the cover after his her transition.


Born William Bruce Jenner October 28, 1949, the former United States Olympic champion and 65 year-old father of six biological children + 4 stepchildren (Karsdashians), Bruce has now taken it upon himself to live for her self at this moment in his life’s time.


If you remember, it was just last a couple months ago (April 24) that Jenner took the courageous step to reveal himself to ABC’s Diane Sawyer during one of the most notorious 20/20 interviews that had all eyes on Bruce Jenner this time around (versus his famous daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner).


Shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, with a close resemblance to Jessica Lange:


…all eyes are on “Caitlyn” as Vanity Fair released the cover of the July cover which is adorned by the father formerly known as Bruce Jenner—officially having embraced “Cailtyn.”

*And I swear I immediately saw the resemblance even before just finding out the Internetsphere thought the same way! I actually used to think Whitney Houston reminded of the Jessica Lange circa ‘King Kong,” though.



At any rate.

Birds of a feather flock together-I know, so with such a sensational transition happening so closely to the Kardashians, along with Kylie and Kendall Jenner (who’ve made a career of attention seeking), one couldn’t help but assume that Bruce turned Caitlyn is pretty much doing the same thing with his new “pretty.”

According to “Caitlyn,” nothing can be further from the truth:

“This shoot was about my life and who I am as a person. It’s not about the fanfare, it’s not about people cheering in the stadium, it’s not about going down the street and everybody giving you ‘that a boy, Bruce,’ pat on the back, O.K. This is about your life.”

I, for one am glad to hear him say that because-if you look back on my April 24 tweets-as serious as he was about revealing himself after having kept his secret so well for so long, I was a bit disappointed that from the point of the interview then to this day, it rolled right back to his (seemingly) being, and doing the typical Kardashian-Jenner thing: “Attention whoring.” That statement needed to be said, and now I am back on the board of understanding + feeling his plight.

This is actually the “part” that needed to be had: Proof of [his] freedom multiplied by satisfaction for the curious).

I get it.Caitlyn-Jenner-vanity-fair-31

Reminiscing on the day he reflected back on-during a press event after winning the gold medal in 1976, Jenner recalls wearing a bra and panty hose underneath his suit.
No longer does he have to hide anymore than he has to hide the fact that he just may have on pantyhose and a bra today!

Obviously, inquiring minds want to know, so why belabor the curious question:
Does that mean he’s gay?

“No,” says Bruce Cailtyn who also had a bit of a lesson for the misinformed (regarding sexuality v. gender identity):

“I am not gay. I am as far as I know, I am heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy. Sexuality is who you’re personally attracted to, who turns you on, male or female. But gender identity has to do with who you are as a person and your soul and who you identify with inside,”


…said Jenner who also let everyone know that considering a sex change was not exactly in the cards or his concern as of right now over just wanting to right and freedom to simply be free, love and accepted by great friends and family and live a great life being who he really was all the time and is today (finally):

I want a free soul and a lot of great friends. I just want a great life. It’s that simple. Let’s go with asexual for now.”


Check out the footage from the actual shoot!

Credits: Photographed by Annie Leibovitz; Styled by Jessica Diehl; Hair by Oribe; Makeup by Mark Carrasquillo; Manicure by Deborah Lippmann; Set Design by Mary Howard Studio; Produced by Kathryn Macleod; Interview by Buzz Bissinger; Filmed by Barbara Leibovitz Hellman; Audio & Edit by Jeremy Elkin.

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