A Day Late But Special & Great: KANYE Returns One-Year Anniversary Sentiment To KIM KARDASHIAN Via Social Media



Despite being a day late (but definitely a dollar longer), Kanye and Kim Kardashian stepped out to give you all what you’ve come to expect from them: A public display of __________ (come what is, come what ever, come what may-fill in the blank).


Well, this May [24]th marked the one year anniversary for the couple and without having to @ his wife (with whom he shares a home, has her numbers to text, or call her), afternoon late yesterday (May 25) Kanye took a moment to post sweet words [to the world] about Kim, for Kim:

“Kim, I’m so happy to be married to the girl of my dreams…I love you and Nori so much!!! I would find you in any lifetime.”


She replied to him:

“Awwww baby I love you so much!!!!!! I would find you too! Anywhere!!!!!!”

People were frowning upon the fact that he replied a day “late”-after Kim’s posting on their exact [May 24th] anniversary date (and the day before)-to the world, pics of their special day.

No matter how sacred or special “Kim Kardashian” is always in auto- “attention whore” mode-Kanye-depending on who you ask.

But although the two are most notorious for doing [not many things sacred, private, and personal as a couple], it should be remarked that his words (shared with the world) were shared with yous after their sacred day.


That small (but notable) special date, day-late gesture speak volumes and says a lot (to me-coming from man to woman).

His still being excited about, and especially: keeping his special day special and sacred (to me) is what really matters because as you may well know (from following me)-I am all for and pro the small gesture and how, and from whom they come. In the bigger scheme of things and the happily ever after, that’s what matters.

That being said–nothing to frown upon here. Good job in that regard!

And good for them going forward!


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