Seen on the Scene: JAY Z & BEYONCE Touch Down in Norway to TIDAL Offices – Paparazzi and Fans Swarm

There comes a time when (even as a company owner) ya just gottttta take some time off to get check up on a few things—you know…to make sure everything is everything.

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But when everything has been everything but good for your investment-it might be just the time you need to take off and to go lay hands of situation at hand.


Jayz Z Norway


Now, is just a good a time as any for Beyonce and Jay Z-who were spotted across seas in Norway ‘touching down’ to the stomping grounds and soil Tidal offices to take care of a lil’ business:



As we previously reported  to you, this Wednesday via an official press conference, Spotify is to announce its official video and other additions to its streaming service.



Then there’s this–and them:








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