Problem Solved Re: MARINA ABRAMOVIC v. JAY Z – Publicity by Orchestration (with JAY Z’s Participation?) Or the Result of Strange Miscommunication?

The verdict is in on rapper Jay Z being accused of having “used” performance artist Marina Abramovic.

proxy (2)In considering Jay Z’s recent woes, either we’re being used for a publicity by she and her company’s orchestration, by Jay Z with her participation, or this whole mess is the result of some straaaaange miscommunication.

It was like I said, yesterday, when I posted the original write up about this:

“My thing is this. If you’re gonna give up the G’s. Give up the G’s. …because I don’t know what to really conclude from that.”

That wide-open, vague diss of disdain with regard to Jay Z being distasteful to a degree that [Marina] concluded with:

It’s so cruel, it’s incredible. I will stay away from it for sure” required way more than [saying] “it was only a one-way transaction.”

With words like such-about somebody (celebrity or not) you’ve got the give up the complete G’s—and sit all your ducks in a row.

As, it turns out that (according to a letter submitted by her company/on her company’s letterhead), if that “one sided transaction” had to do with money, then Jay Z did both: (indeed and in deed) do his part.

After Abramovic’s statement given to Brazil’s Spike Magazine was made public, her company stood in to stand corrected by stating:





CFevMC3WIAAWP9kConsidering the fact the “Picasso Baby” video shoot in question [that she shot with Jay Z] was almost two years ago, it’s quite strange that a breakdown in communication was such that her very own company (for two whole years) would not have communicated to her that “Jay Z” made the donation to her company—especially considering how warm the welcome and massive it was-his celebrity-being the big apart of shoot that it was [compounded by the fact that she and her company were the chosen ones].

Although it’s unfathomable that (in considering the digital world of communication we live and participate in) regardless the proximity or localities, email and Intranet gossip didn’t make its way around that such a “big star” made a contribution to the little/unknown company. Seems that would be a true life urban legend, near claim to fame and staple-much talked about in all the companies offices. How such a thing wouldn’t make its way down to Abramovic in almost two years is totally beyond me.

At any rate.

Whether we are being used for a publicity by she and her company’s orchestration, or by Jay Z (with her participation), or this whole mess really is the result of some straaaaange miscommunication, these lines seal the deal:

Provided by the video’s producer (Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn) as per acknowlegment of  receipt from Abramovic’s company:

“Thank you for your donation.”

The receipt marked with the number W984804 acknowledges a substantial donation.

Problem solved.


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