{Bey-Sides & “B-Sides”} BEYONCE In Haiti While JAY Z Performs “B-Sides” In NYC – Take Shots At The Big Companies: YouTube, Spotify & iTunes



While Beyonce was far away was checking up on it-how things changed for better or worse since the 2010 Haiti catastrophe, Jay Z could be found at Terminal 5 in NYC performing for a live crowd while streaming his “B-Sides” concert live (on Tidal).



Meanwhile, as we reported; Shut Up and Drive singer Rihanna was doing her thing over on the other side of NYC at SNL’s finale.


On the other side of the world, alongside United Way, Beyonce was lending her helping had to the people of Haiti-made possible and in part of her “Beygood” charity organization. The superstar took a quiet stroll over to the country to deliver food, clothes, and water to the people of Haiti while extending her support of United Nations workers as they gave medical attention to those in need.



Jay Z had another need and mission to tend to: To set the Tidal record straight and take his fans back to Shawn Carter who made the records that made him “Jay Z.”
To do so, he took to the stage and took the fans back: reminding them of just why they loved him so much for all these years.

An unexpected thing occurred onstage tonight too: surprised fans were treated to an onstage reuniting of Jay’z estranged friend and protégé-turned rival: Beanie Sigel (a.k.a “Beanz”).

Jay Z and Beanz exchanged an embrace while too; former rival Memphiz Bleek was also very much apart of the love-fest.

It was a Roc reunion of sorts which too, brought on the likes of Jay Electronica and Young Jeezy sharing the love.



Until recently (after launching a technology that put them in a position to rival some major companies in technology), the Jay Z and wife Beyonce had run off with, and were pretty much considered enigmatic music royalty who, if any philanthropic or charitable excursions they took, the world knew nothing about-most of which meticulously steered clear of controversy and connection to the human condition and plight of the very same people that love and support them.

It was nearly a culture shock for Jay Z on board for a go-see to see NYC’s Cuomo regarding Eric Garner as, any opinion they had on major pressing issues regarding injustice or otherwise-no one knew what if either [Beyonce’s or Jay Z] even had a stance or plight [regarding such].



A lot of that has changed now.
Here of late, the world is seeing a lot more of Beyonce and Jay Z socializing, pic-nicking, and politicking with pics as proof-more than ever before.

Sometimes when your back is against the wall and reality steps into view-after being told you were loved and respected to pedestal levels, unfortunately that kind of praise [and seeming respect] doesn’t come with a warning sign that reads: ……. “that is: until you step out of your lane and become our competition.”

With that being said, Jay Z asserts that major companies are spending major millions on a secret smear campaign to ensure Tidal’s ship sinks.
Often times, when your back is against the wall and the people relied on to keep your enigma alive decide that your are enemy number one-a certain kind of reality can force anybody into coming out swinging—force to forfeit all and simply be themselves:

Beyonce’s Instagram turned from mere pics saying the thousand words (that for many years) she never stepped up to say ’til now: speaking out about social injustices [begin date: Baltimore/Freddie Gray].


Last night during his B-Side concert, Jay Z dropped a bit of poetic justice by doing what he does best: freestyle—taking it back to the beginning-the roots [of the freestyle]: calling opponents to the carpet to expose the weeds and b-side he felt the public didn’t know about: The sewing of big companies money’s sinister seeds so that he, Tidal and All Falls Down friend and business partner-Kanye, all fall down. Follow along:


And I don’t need no middle man to talk to my n—as
I understand if you don’t understand, I figure I’m Jigga
That’s where we differ
I take what’s mine, you accept what they give ya, I get ya
I don’t take no checks, I take my respect
Pharrell even told me go with the safest bet
Jimmy Iovine offered a safety net
Google dangled around a crazy check
I feel like YouTube was the biggest cul-prit
Them n—as pay you a tenth of what you’re supposed to get
You n—as die for equal pay right?
You know what I’m worth? I ain’t ya slave right?
You know I ain’t shuckin’ and jivin’ and hi-fivin’
You know this ain’t back in the days, right?
Well I can’t tell the way they killed Freddie Gray, right?
Shot down Mike Brown, how they did Tray, right?
Let ’em continue choking n—as
We gonna turn style (turnstile), I ain’t ya token n—a
You know I came in this game independent right?
Tidal, my own label, same difference
Oh, n—as is skeptical when it’s their own sh-t
You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich
Phil Knight is worth millions, you still bought them kicks
Spotify is nine million, they ain’t say sh-t
Lucy you got some esplainin’ to do
The only one they hatin’ on looks the same as you
That’s cool, I know they tryin’ to bamboozle you
Spendin’ millions on me to tryin’ to confuse you
I had to talk to myself, Hov you should be used to it
It’s politics as usual


I say yes-it could. Matter of fact: He// yeah.

I say that because [if you follow me via my favorites and know] alongside my personal qualms with Tidal, there is a b-side totally separate from this issues I have with Tidal that contributes to Tidal’s demise: The people feel like Jay Z and Tidal is out of touch with consumers and fans [in that] they are expecting them to pay for a service that still runs free elsewhere when, if I were to speak for the people in giving a summary of who they’re expected to pay-I’m sure it’d go something like this:

Nicki Minaj- In a word: Annoying
Alicia Keys– Too “deep” (and in the clouds with it) compounded by being conveniently accessible and relatable at her own convenience
Rihanna– A product of familiarity breeding contempt. We’ve seen too much of her and know and heard all there is to know. Her shock value is losing its value. At this point it’s entertaining-period. Helps pass time and gives us something to talk and point fingers about.
Madonna– No one cares that she ruled pop 15 years ago [in a way that people today: celebrity and even average persons on social media] are striving for/to be seen as today
Kanye– No one likes Kanye Kardashian. And Kanye West told us (rather than showed us) who, and how we should think of him by intimidating, scratching, kicking, screaming and begging his way into who, where, and what he wanted to be rather than earning it. In the middle of respecting his talent he seemed to lose his self-respect and people don’t respect that. After all-look around you. Just ask me (and others talented grinders like me): Talent and skill is only winning in the fact that it collects more envy, resistance, coveting, anger, attention and jealousy first and quicker-over the paper that it should [that once upon a time in life] it did collect instantaneously—but it aint necessarily #winning, ruling and paying that big anymore (with anything you can take to a literal bank). The greatest “payoff” is the broken spirits, self-doubt and tortured souls of the millions who envy you and covet how/what you do. So now what? F(k your talent. Who are you though? (May as well be yourself. Read on, as I lead you to the captains of Tidal’s ship).

Usher & J. Cole– Passively apart of Tidal and obviously there by invitation and for the ride, therefore are basically shipmates and ignorable

The other 7 Tidal16: Jack White, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, deadmau5, Jason Aldean

The people that Tidal’s captain’s (Jay Z and Beyonce) needed to know them enough to care don’t know them enough, therefore-don’t care enough.

The people that do know and love the other 7 of the Tidal 16 don’t know, or care enough for Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Madonna, Kanye, Usher, or J. Cole to care enough, so those two factors rock Tidal’s boat (not to mention the remaining 98% of the music industry Tidal left behind in pursuit of this venture-that’s a whole other issue in and of itself).

The captain of the ship: Jay Z and Beyonce– Too regal, too royal and built a brand of glass house that made fans feel compelled to like them for the view and ability to peep in but kept them on the outside looking in—never hearing a sound about what’s really going on inside: What their opinions and unpopular opinions were. Who they really were and what they championed outside of their royal glass house-what Bey Z’ true “b-side” was. What Jay Z’s true “b-side” was.

Now, with the same entities that afforded them to stand on the pedestal by which they once stood [currently] working against them; that could be good for Tidal, actually. Because now Tidal’s captains are forced to come out of their glass house and let the people know, [that outside of their enigma] just who Jay Z and Beyonce really were all this time they were merely being patronized, admired and revered for their glitter from behind their glass.


Being forced to fight, now–by making it transparent what they champion and care about, and what they stand for  (beyond what serves their celebrity, and contributes to their popularity and income) makes them touchable, accessible, relatable.

On the flip side of that, I’m a firm believer in the human plight of familiarity breeding contempt. When familiarity breeds contempt, you’re either devalued or undervalued to the extent that at any moment in time-you’re expendable. Being transparent, and available is a fine line in which, the best way for you to walk that line is to be the exotic flower that you are but never without exposing your thorns. It’s all a matter of being transparent but balanced with self-preservation: I would much rather you hate or love me for my thorns than for me to give you full access to me and my be the recipient of your contempt (because of my being too familiar and common to/with you). It’s my value (that I stay in control of) even when I lack luster.

That being said, with Jay Z opening up (and free styling) his “B-Side” (and thorns) and this sudden Beyonce hob-knobbing, the people are getting to see Bey’s “b-side” too.

Seeing as though they are the captain’s of Tidal’s ship, at the end of the day (despite what the people may feel about the other shipmates), it’s what Beyonce and Jay Z does (or doesn’t do) that could continue to lead the people astray (or lead the way to people getting on board and signing up to ride Tidal‘s wave):


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