JADEN SMITH and KYLIE JENNER Seen On The Scene: TYGA’s “Kylie” Tattoo in the Fold of His Arm Didn’t Get Her Back In It After BLAC CHYNA Blasts His Secret Texts

Soooo you were wondering if the tattoo Tyga 25, got inked into the fold of his arm of Kylie’s name was good enough to put him in 17 year-old Kylie Jenner’s good graces (and her back in his arms)—think again.

She’s back down to dating her age now as, she was just seen out with Jaden Smith…

…whose been patiently waiting in the wings for Kylie since before the image overhaul, Internet attention and life with Tyga and love affair with courting Internet attention began.




In case you didn’t know, the triangle and fallout (involving Black Chyna, Tyga, and Kylie) began after the #KylieJennerLipChallenge lead to Tyga’s baby (King)’s mom, Blac Chyna getting in on the challenge by mocking Kylie’s exaggerated pronounced pout-by posting a pic of herself (along with the Cartier bracelet Tyga bought her-on her right arm) laying there with a pair of waxed lips:


…(followed by a couple of subliminals and warnings that she couldn’t wait for the next four months until Kylie turns 18 so this thing could be continued):



This lead to some back and forth pic big-facing where each girl posted the same watches and Cartier bracelets bought by Tyga (for each girl)…Kylie (being the last recipient of the jewelry item bought by Tyga) feeling she won that war after captioning her post: “Currently.”



All could have fine and quiet on the West Coast front until Tyga decided to take it upon himself to post (what Blac Chyna and anyone else playing Twitter-tennis would assume): A sneak-diss and dig aimed at Blac Chyna where Tyga basically told [her-Blac Chyna?] to get a life, get over it, move on.




It turned out to be the case of what (if you follow me on Twitter) you’ve found me say that is forever true: Who people are, and what people say and say they are doing (in public, around people, and to the masses) is always one—especially in this day and age where everybody is front-facing to look a certain way (to others) or gain a certain thing (anything from mere attention missed from lackthereof as a child, high school, teenager/college etc) all the way to gaining a newfound self-esteem, through to seeking a new life/lifestyle.


To uphold and maintain that-with the choice/decision to put our lives on display 24/7/365 to varying degrees; people have becomes masters at front-facing (whether they are famous, wanna be famous, up and coming famous or your next door neighbor, friend or ex-friend): Everybody with an active social media account is putting on and front-facing (to varying degrees). Meanwhile, what they are really liking, loving, (and realllllly tending to) and what’s really winning—is what you don’t know (going on behind the front-facing and what seems like “winning”).

That being explained like such, turns out, while the masses were thinking Kylie was #winning and Chyna was looking like the loser, estranged, ditched, lonesome, bitter baby-mamma and fool; from behind the front-face and masses, Tyga’s been trying to make his way back to her after all!


How’d the masses find this out?

Tyga got put on blast when, while he was busy front-facing and sneak-dissing, Black Chyna posted recent texts of Tyga begging to be a family again, come see Blac Chyna and to spend some time with she and their child (King).




After that, Tyga pulled that same thing that broads with a lot of mouth do (when they constantly bully and keep sh|t up and when it’s time to get the a$$ handed to them-they get either religious, spiritual and deep or resort to that “I’m too grown for this” excuse all of a sudden).  Although Tyga didn’t (and couldn’t) deny it, (and Kylie wanted to deny it)…



…he cryptically posted with a bit more humility that, as it turned out-not even those sentiments or his new “Kylie” ink in the fold of his arms was able to get her back into them.




Welp. For now, Jaden Smith’s #winning .

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