LUDACRIS’ Baby’s Mother TAMIKA FULLER Pens a 2nd Open Letter: “Why Bother?” I Asked Myself – Then Answered

Tamika Fuller, the mother Chris Bridges [a.k.a Ludacris]s’ daughter by which he was awarded full custody of and (reportedly) will not allow her (Fuller) calls, visits, Skyping or any contact with the child unless [quote] “forced to do so by the courts” [unquote]-a couple of weeks ago-penned her 1st open letter to explain her plight regarding the situation and opened a “Go Fund Me” account.

This week as well, Fuller penned yet, another open letter refuting gold-digging claims, claims that she received ‘x’ amount of high dollars in child support (pre-Ludacris’ sole custody and award ruling-by which she provides a literal receipt of $3488 being paid for two months child support:


As well, in this second open letter, she explained her past circumstance and situation regarding the lack of empathy felt for her plight in losing she and Ludacris’ child to Ludacris (when it was found out that her first daughter wasn’t raised by her).

Before I speak on it, have a look at the 2nd letter:

“I’ve noticed a gazillion commentators still shouting about this 7k and 15k child support number. In the prolific words of Isaiah Washington, I want to break this down so it can forever and consistently be broke.

I received nothing from my baby’s father throughout my entire pregnancy – he always gleefully reminded me that he was not required by law to do so. He also chose not to attend our daughter’s birth however immediately went down to the courthouse to file child support paperwork December 10th, a day after my daughter was born when I was still in the hospital. On the filing he listed his income as $25k/month although strangely enough he told Forbes he made 12 million/year. He stated he was only obliged to give me $1750 of which he only ever made 2 payments. The judge issued a temporary order for $2750/month until Chris could show the court his income records as the judge wasn’t buying it. Instead of revealing his income he filed for primary custody of our daughter. Per the courts, he paid me $2750 for a few months although he always made sure to pay this support as late as possible. I was grateful for this amount and still to this day would have been completely fine with that child support moving forward. I have never received more than $2750 in child support and only for a brief period of time, there were never any offers by him to settle, and he fought against the temporary judgement because even that was too high for his liking. It seems people are confusing me with Karma’s mother Christine who does receive 7k/month in child support.

As far as this critique that I abandoned my first child, I think it is deeply problematic that men in particular who are the most absent in their child’s lives feel they have the right to judge a scared teenage mother who received assistance from her parents. According to statistics teenage mothers are less likely to finish high school and more likely to rely on public assistance – I graduated top of my class from high school and attended Clark Atlanta University. I never accepted welfare even when I qualified for it. I have defied the negative stereotypes of the teenage mother yet I’ve been vilified and even punished by the judge for events that transpired 20 years ago. Speaking of the judge, nobody seems to find the tremendous irony in the fact that my daughter was taken away from me because I didn’t generate as much income as her father yet the same judge orders me to pay his legal fees. There is something deeply troubling about the Atlanta family court system.”

 tamika-fuller-loses-custody-order to pay attorney fees


While I can’t say “I don’t know why Tamika Fuller insists on writing these open letters to explain herself to a world of people who (outside of Internet commentary and something to do with their time and point fingers) could care less what she’s going through,” the fact of the matter is: somewhere in this; somebodies out there do (just not in the overwhelming majority as should-given the situation: A child is disconnected from the body, presence, and spirit of the woman that gave birth to her).

Unfortunately, the fact that she (or any woman) sleeps with a celebrity and winds up pregnant (and the two did not have a relationship) automatically sends red flags of the typical kind through piercing eyes and inquiring minds: “She (the woman) was just looking for a payout” is the first (and unfortunately) the ONLY thought that always was, always will be the same, and has been the same since the beginning of the very first time the first woman in history slept with an entertainer and got her life made as a result of it)—the court (of law and public opinion) remains the same.

Given the climate of the platforms by which she explains her plight, this is the harsh reality: NOBODY CARES.

Why not?

Unlike the other typical “Tamika Fuller”:

Girl sleeps with rap star / opens social media pages and countless brainless people live vicariously through her and because of her association of having slept with/rumored to have slept with sew-in-sew: (all of a sudden) she’s so such a flawless gorgeous “Bad b\tch” (all of a sudden, and like never before in her real life beforehand) is everything next to having walked on water.

From that-her goal to be “Somebody” by way of that, can be met. That becomes HER “Go Fund Me” account.


Unfortunately, Tamika Fuller doesn’t have that typical scenario and situation to afford her the kind of attention to help her meet her goal as, she’s just a baby-momma who doesn’t strip, isn’t a “professional groupie,” isn’t a D-list actress, isn’t a one-time girlfriend with Instagram pics of love to prove it, or at bare minimum: never rapped about (by name) in any of Ludacris songs-so…she has NOTHING to offer these people (in order for them to feel they can live vicariously through her to get attention from giving her attention for).

Unfortunately, Tamika Fuller…having not built that- *get out the violins *-that overused and abused word (by which no one abusing it considers that “niche” is more important): “A brand” off her name as being someone who slept with a rap star-combined by the fact that her situation has gone ugly-domestic (by which the rap star involved got served the child) and (as per her open emails, letters etc.) never has, and still doesn’t see her in a redeeming light–makes her hustle three times as hard.

That being said, when I got a hold of this 2nd open letter, I can’t lie, my first question aloud was:

“Why bother?”


I asked myself that because unfortunately, (to put it plain and simple) Tamika Fuller is at a loss. Because in the eyes of the star-strucked people she’s putting herself in front of, Ludacris is boss, lord and king.

Unfortunately, her association with Ludacris isn’t the result of an IG page full of star-strucked brainless individuals reinforcing “thot” –like behavior in her while she flaunts her red bottoms, $8k bags, skinny teas, silver poles, liposuction, silicone a%% shots and breasts, waist trainers and weaves adding to her self esteem and self-worth while countless lost souls sit in her audience angered, coveting, envying, feeding (and funding) them-blindly thinking it’s something that ultimately adds to them (from the attention they get from giving it).

When the truth (reality, and greater scheme of such matter is), unless they are making money while they are sleeping (rather that solely and only WHEN THEY ARE SEEN) that’s a daily seedless hustle that ends up in nothingness with the only reward and pay off being surrounded by soulless people bamboozled by the façade and seemingly materialistic “joys.” As, not ONE of those types are (and never will be) in receipt of the thing that all women want: Love. Not just any love: but love from theeee person all women want love from: The 1 they want-not just the many who want them (as a result of merely being bamboozled by their smokescreen’s glitter). The unfortunate (pay off?) from the façade of entertaining a sleuth of brainless, patronizing IG audiences fighting each other defending these types (who care nothing about either side), is the fact that you will NEVER see the men THEY truly want booed up with them right next to all that joy, those purses, those weaves, and those red bottoms they flaunt.

Why not?

I’ll tell you.

Men are becoming not just more narcissistic or “visual” than ever, but IN THE BIGGER SCHEME OF THINGS, men have bigger standards than the average woman thinks she does.

Men do NOT compromise placements in their life of love and the happily ever after (like women will and do).

MEN ARE DIAMOND DIGGERS & SNOBS ABOUT THEIR LOVE LIFE & HAPPILY EVER AFTER (as mentioned in the Introduction of my unreleased book)

Even the average man simply doing well for himself will make a woman working a 9-5 his woman/take her more seriously over an “Instagram model” (whose merely made a career of garnering attention rather than to have not made a business from it). Men will take a woman like that to increase his popularity (or ego, or brand or reputation for a moment)—not for his woman in his life and happily ever after.



Having said that, the other “Tamika Fuller’s” (who’ve slept with the Ludacris’ of the world and built “brands”/names from it) the men they want and feel they should have (as a result of having paid for and morphing into “bad b|tches”) all have one strange irony and one thing in common: The Ludacris’ of the world do not want them either (past whatever bit of publicity they too-can get off and from the “bad b|tch” they’ve put themselves together like Legos to be). So all those “Tamika Fullers” they can do is make a living and a make a loving making you (their brainless audiences) jealous, envying, and coveting while “inspiring” and keep hope alive for those want something something for nothing. That’s it and all.


So by contrast, unfortunately, “those” types (as compared to Tamika Fullers specific situation with a rap star) have vastly different endings to their means:

She (Tamika Fuller) has nothing to offer the people she’s seeking attention from-so her hustle is harder because they have nothing to gain from her. No poles, no weaves, no purses, no shoes, no skinny teas, no waist clinchers, no liposuction sculpted figure, no silicone a%% shots and breasts, or no IG squares of things they can live vicariously through.

Having said that, and knowing that ↑ I must admit, initially-I was hella annoyed at this 2nd open letter—that is, until I put it all into perspective (like just explained-above). And in short, I ascertained this:

Tamika Fuller’s only association to a rap star is now a child that she lost to him.

So now, her IG account is a Go Fund Me account, instead.

What’s so unfortunate about this?


This is a new world of disorder we live in right now.

To varying degrees, everybody is seeking attention, publicity, and hoping to/building full careers and lifestyles from it” (or full-on log-on online “personas” at bare minimum).

Unfortunately, courts, politics and even religion is not exempt-its officials are about as attention starved, publicity hungry and/or star-struck as an Instagram audience who lives vicariously through girls sleeping with rap stars-down to the stars themselves, just the same.

So with that being said, in my personal opinion, it is ludicrous to think that she will ever get custody of her child again.

Because of the situation (and the other parent is a rich rap star), there is no dollar amount that Tamika Fuller can raise that will overturn that decision of getting her child back from that rap star named Ludacris-only visitation rights and bare minimum.

But I won’t knock her hustle because there is a child involved and like I said, her Go Fund Me account is her IG account at this point.

So while (like in the beginning of this blog) I can say “I don’t know why Tamika Fuller insists on writing these open letters to explain herself to a world of people who (outside of Internet commentary and something to do with their time and point fingers) could care less what she’s going through,” the fact of the matter is:

Somewhere in this; somebodies are slowly caring and eventually see her through no matter how slow (rather than “instant” gramming) it is–her crawl and go.



If you want to donate to Tamika Fuller’s “Bring Tink Home” Go Fund Me page, please click here.TamikaandDaughter

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