Part Time Insurance Agent / On-Call Cop: Robert Bates Yells: “Fu(k Your Breath” To Man (ERIC HARRIS) Shot During Chase After Sting Op

Ok…Now we got the G’s on the story.

I had to research it a little more thoroughly than from one the news source circulating the story and here’s (what appears) to have happened.


Suspect Eric Harris was shot by 73 year-old “reserve” (on-call) cop (slash) insurance agent: Robert Bates who (according to reports and reason) “mistakenly” shot Harris when he (Officer Bates) thought what he had in his hand aiming at Harris was his Taser, but was indeed, in deed and now death:  his shot gun.


To add insult to injury (which ended in Eric Harris’ eventual death) the cop is heard saying “fu(k your breath” after Harris was heard yelling “he shot me/I’m losing my breath” (repeatedly)—which, in my opinion, would discredit his excuse in that he “mistakenly” grabbed his shotgun rather than his Taser.

That statement should cancel all subjectivity out-thus not allowing that cop to get away with “Oh I shot him thinking I was shooting off my Taser.”

Furthermore, if that were true (that you thought you had your Taser in your hand) wouldn’t there have been more shots than one—like you continuously shoot off with a Taser?

He’s not fooling me, sorry-[he’s] not sorry (nor was it a weapons mistake).

At any rate.

Ok, so, when I researched the one source circulating it (The Daily Mirror) they only had footage of the actual action (which was THIS version/portion):

…But according to the entire footage; it looks as though this initially started off as an undercover sting operation in which Harris (and the cop-undercover) were amid a gun selling transaction.

That being the case (in my opinion) FURTHER discredits the officer’s ‘I thought I had my Taser-not my actual gun‘ excuse.


Because it’s painfully obvious that not only was he a pig (in telling a man “fu(ck your breath” while he gasped for it right before dying) but it is also painfully obvious that he KNEW he pulled out his gun (rather than his Taser) and shot Eric Harris BECAUSE he most probably assumed that since Harris was mid-SELL a gun-selling transaction, he most probably HAD one on him.

FURTHERMORE: He-Bates (most probably) knew he was going to shoot that man–considering the fact that he told him to turn over on his stomach…you know…so he didn’t have to look him in his face when he did it…that thing that cowards can’t do: Look you in your face mid-dirty thought or action.


Sorry. I’m not buying the ‘I thought I had my Taser,’ excuse.


Here’s the entire transaction (from the police dash-cam view) that led to the fatality (and you can hear him yelling “show me your hands!”). They needed to see Harris’ hands were free (and when they didn’t?) they decided to shoot ‘just in case’ he hand a gun on him. Do you see and agree?

Check it out and see. Remember (this came first, then scroll up to the other video):

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