Is JAY Z Close to Settling Out of Court With [Alleged] 21 Year-Old Son RYMIR?

Yeah. Sure.

….That 1% problem out of the 99 Jay Z doesn’t have just reared its head:

Name: Rymir.

Twitter handle: “Rymir is Here”

Welp. It can’t be denied that if faces could tell a story, that vintage video floating around with Jay Z looking as if he is mid-petite mal seizure or in deep second thought about who his friends really are says something [that we’d all love Jay Z to answer-about what he was thinking at that moment].


Here of late however, according to news reports surfacing, it could very well be that [what’s currently brewing as fact at this very moment in time]: Jay Z having fathered a son who’s now 21—perhaps the look on his face in that video was when his pager went off with the message: 911 [and he found out a child was born?]



Who knows.

Fact of the matter is: last month (February 2015) rumors were surfacing that “business man” (slash) mogul-rapper, Beyonce’s husband, and Blue Ivy’s is, as well-the father of a 21 year-old aspiring rapper named Rymir, who was conceived during Jay Z’s wonder years somewhere, sometime in the early 90s, back in some New York project with a woman named Wanda Satterthwaite who (now-according to Rymir) is “partially disable.”




Although we had yet to actually hear Jay Z’s side (acknowledgment, denial, or consent to a paternity test) the fact of the next matter is: The matter was taken to court. And according to reports, a settlement is underway.

Jay Z


Originally, a crowdsource GoFund account was set up for the young man to get his teeth fixed but now, as of all the court proceedings, the family is asking for donations to help pay for the legal fees incurred (yes-while the settlement underway is alleged to be finalized soon).

Rymir’s former guardian Lillie Collie expressed “because they have compassion” that Dame Dash and the Dipset  “many people” are assisting them to bring this case to justice and get a resolve.

Going at in on the strength that Rymir looks like both Jay Z and Jay Z’s mom (combined with the fact that Satterthwaite did indeed have a “steamy affair” with Jay Z at the time Rymir was conceived), Collie says it’s not “all about the money.”

She also expressed the [possible] fact that Rymir has an entire family that he will probably never know…

As of March 20th (2015), with regard to the out of court settlement, despite the Triscuit couch behind him both Collie and Rymir said “things are looking very good right now. Check out my Twitter name. Do know I’m ’bout to ball out ’til I fall out.”



All jokes aside, Rymir took to his Twitter account and expressed:

“It feels good to know that I am doing this from the heart and not because I want something out of it. A lot of people won’t understand.”



According to Collie, punitive damages are now being sought because of the legal fees incurred that as of now-they cannot afford.

Collie also asserts that the family has not received “one cent” since the story came out and going forward, it has cost a lot to proceed so, with the GoFund account (already set up initial for getting Rymir’s teeth fixings and at first-only held $50.00) it is now (as of this March 25th 2015 date/10:15 a.m.) close to $5000. And well, with a possible settlement coming to a close, from the looks of things, Rymir will soon be wearing a Colgate smile afterall.





Jay Z looks maddddddddd cute in the video atop this blog doesn’t he?

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