BOBBI KRISTINA’s Birthday Today NICK GORDON Grieves- Still Wants In: Why He Should

It’s Bobbi Kristina’s birthday and quite obviously an emotional time for Nick Gordon who, until recently remained quiet and mum, but here of late-cannot hold it in anymore.


After a social media outcry about his not being permitted to visit Bobbi Kristina, it was reported just a couple weeks ago that Nick was indeed granted permission to visit her but ‘did not agree to the terms set forth.’


What those “terms” were-were never disclosed. The fact of the matter is however: Gordon still has yet to see Bobbi Kristina and he asserts (and with a special kind of surety) he is the one that “can wake her up” [if he were granted permission to see / visit her].

Considering the seriousness of the situation and the fact that Bobbi Kristina lay in her current condition since January 31st, where science and medicine hasn’t been successful, it is easy to discount Gordon’s ability to “wake her up” but I for one, do not (and would not rule it out) especially knowing that where science and medicine has not been successful; perhaps the love of, the touch of, and the sound of what’s familiar and last loved may be just the miracle needed-something that science and medicine [has not been able to accomplish].

I say this because studies have proven that even premature babies in incubators under stressful medical conditions tend to thrive and get better which the touch of the mother. I for one know for a fact and can attest to that being true-witnessing a heart beat back to normal with just the touch of my hand and sound of my voice. T’is true-it happens: where machines, medicine and man cannot awaken a heartbeat and level a pulse, the response of the body of the sickly responds unbelievably amazing to that which it feels a connection to (and love from and for)…

As far as this situation is concerned, obviously with Bobbi Kristina being of such a young age and the union of the man she public (obsessively) expressed her love and adoration for not being respected and determined null and void; it’s easy to keep Nick Gordon at bay, especially not knowing, being upset (or even suspicious) about what may have happened or could have been done or undone to prevent such a tragedy from happening altogether.


It’s a strange twist of eerily similar events and set of circumstances-with life is almost repeating itself in more ways than one.whitney-bobby-huggingbobbyoutofjail

And if anybody knows what it’s like to be hated by the family for feeling like he was at fault in some way(s), and therefore pushed away from the woman he loved and adored for years, despite where they were during her tragedy (and funeral-where he wasn’t even allowed in after sharing over a decade of life and love with the woman with whom he bored a child and the world knew still loved him)…Bobby Brown knows all too well what he felt [regardless what Whitney’s family thought and felt].




In closing, I say this.

At nearly five weeks in, I for one would be desperate for anything that my loved one least held near and dear-despite my personal feelings about it all—especially when there is (publicly) enough footprint that shows just who my loved one held near and dear. I would be sliding down every picture and post making a list and checking it twice.


That being said:

Let the puppy, the man, and let Hobbitt 2 and 3 in the door to her heart and in her ear!


Let ‘em in.

Let ‘em in.

Let’em in.

Pride has killed more people and broken more hearts than anything in the world.



In the meantime, enjoy the artist atop this blog –a girl from the UK  named Mica Paris-archived in my multi-genre/era music collection. I LOVE this song’s lyrics and especially the bridge into the chorus.

Although timely and appropriate for this blog…but dear to my heart, too.


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