JUICY J Featuring WIZ KHALIFA “(These H03s Be) For Everybody” : But Is It An Extension of Who They All Really Are?

Toni Braxton sang it best:  “Just another bad sad love rap song wrecking my lame brain like crazy. Guess I’m all torn up.”


As a writer of poetry and many other forms of writing/expression: I can understand the compulsion to put it in print, to vent (or if you’re bent).

Trust me-I get it.

Take rapper Wiz Khalifa for example who (via a  song that sounds like a man-to-man talk from Juicy J to Wiz Khalifa and his peers) just released a track, where-on Wiz’s verse, [he] dissed Amber Rose: his girlfriend, turned wife, turned mother, of his son with whom he is now separated [from].

Wiz and Juicy

After all had been quiet on the Western front where (just last week or so) Kanye took a moment out of an important interview of his to diss Amber (following a public wrangle between she and his sissy-in-law Khloe Kardashian)-from there (after returning from her tailshaking festivities) ambertrinidadRose shook it off and barely shook a stick back at West—instead, took the high road and carried on with her motherly duties by tending to she (and Wiz’s son Sebastian)’s little birthday fun.

According to his tweets, Wiz had his plans (and version of oh what fun it could be should he and baby ‘Bash’s birthdate could have gone down as planned in his head and heart) where obviously plans were thwarted.

So obviously he wasn’t through with Bash’s mom, as, here we are now being invited to hear Wiz’s part in the rap soliloquy si-silly-quy: expressing how “these h0s are for everybody” “seen at every party.”e

I get it. Trust me-I do.

Chris Brown says the same thing as that being the inspiration for his song “The H0s Aint Loyal.”

I get it. I do. And such is life……..for a life like such. I understand-that’s true-real life. These girls aint playin’ about being “about that life.”

But I guess my problem with this is, as much as I like Wiz Khalifa, he (and men/boys/dudes) need to take this lesson with them [as it pertains to women].

As a man, every girl you date-down to every decision that you make about life and all of and around you-is an extension of who you are as a man.

While the Internet (in all its luring negativity and platforms for fronting) leave nothing left to be desired (from women, obviously feeling like their last crack at life at getting a life is contingent upon all things degrading and superficial in an effort to be shopped (and “saved” as Wiz raps about) it still doesn’t make them any better simply because it makes for an awesome song and decorated still life on Instagram.


The Wiz Khalifa’s of the world do NOT get my empathy for cries out (or seal of approval) for bringing life to art in such ways when this is what signed up for. You should have thought about “these h0s” when shopping for these ‘thots’ to save them.

You knew the deal going in.

“I fell in love with a stripper,” he raps. “Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker/They don’t pay attention to the love anyway/They only concerned with what the haters say/Bottles be turning these girls into THOTS/Instagram turning these wifes into h0s.”

You can’t cry foul now.

Unfortunately the Internet and this small portion of the shameless part of the entertainment world where Instagram flossing and shopping for ‘thots’-these same types of women the Khalifa’s end up rapping about—these “Bad B|tches” …they’re all of a sudden supposed to be the bad guy now…right?

Juicy J and girl_ Wiz and Amber

Is that where we are with this—according to this track?

Unfortunately, sh|t like such doesn’t go too far with me because I’m the type of woman who looks at a man and assess his manhood and all things “him” based upon the choices in life and especially the choices he makes in women as an extension of who he is as a man and what he is about (too).

Now granted-much of these choices have much’ado about “entertaining” and looks [‘good?’] for “brand” hype.Wiz

But if that’s the case, then you have to remember that you are and were a man before you got fans. You are in charge of how you want to be seen (as a man)-either that, or play the game with the fans. But as man, if this is how you see her, then any smart woman sees you too, like her-just the same.

She can’t be left holding the bag that you bought and saved her with, yourself.

Y’all create these monsters: 

Kanye saved her and made her a household name.

Then you (Wiz) came along (saved her) and turned that “‘h0” into the housewife.

Everything yous are complaining about now is courtesy of + created by you:



But I like Juicy J (and Wiz-still do). So I’mma let him get this off his chest while me and everybody on my high-ranking kick-a$$ site gon’ sit in the audience and give it a listen.

Ok. Kick it:

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