” $250,000 to Kesha ” Says Check Written By TAYLOR SWIFT + Would MICHAEL JACKSON Be #TeamKesha Too If He Were Alive?

If you remember, singer Kesha’s been going through a lot of changes in her personal life that finally, she triumphed and over come but the doesn’t necessarily mean her professional life was going to let (or permit) her to triumph just the same.

In case you don’t know, all could be quite well in Kesha’s life who too, if you remember, after her successful rehab stint, decided to drop the dollar sign from her name (Ke$ha) so that it too, could start anew.

Unfortunately, her being able to start anew came to an abrupt halt when the singer opted out of her contract with Sony [and] Producer Dr. Luke whom she says also sexually assaulted her.

Surely Michael Jackson is turning over in his grave given his cries out about his own business dealings with Sony who too, had his n…ts in a clutch

Michael Jackson says Sony kills the music



kesha sony dr lukeWell whether Sony kills the music for Kesha or no, music colleague Taylor Swift surely put her money where her heart is.

The Grammy winning singer swiftly came through with a cool 250k to help Kesha out with her fees for legal battles and any other troubles she might have going forward given her loss in the case against Sony.

Just about a year ago, tongues wagged that Taylor Swift was copying Kesha and


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