See USHER’s URXTOUR Live Tonight!

usher_  If you haven’t caught up with Usher’s URXTour as yet, fame on you!

But never your worry because we’ve got the hookup for you—right from the seat of your chair!USHER LIVE _11302014

Yahoo Live is bringing the tour home to you with just a click of a mouse.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see Usher on tour-ever-you’re in for a treat!

The tour (counting down to the minute) will air (live) at 11p tonight (11.30.14) but until then, Yahoo went all out to set you up for the thrill.

usher_stageClick here for a playlist of Usher’s backstage interviews, current and vintage videos (as far back as “You Make Me Wanna”), as well as some exciting still from URXTour stage: screams and other exciting moments thus far while he “gives it to you.”


That…right there……. *sucks teeth* is my JAM! I love that song, man.

It takes a special kind of up-tempo song for an ‘Usher song’—and that one was “IT!”

He and Nicki worked that one!


There’s more tonight.usher_shoes_0_1411186911

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