22 Clever Dressing Hacks For Both Men & Women You Probably Didn’t Know About

Necklace top tip

Professional life from 9-5 for a living is a culture and lifestyle, and boy do I remember those days of the necessary ‘clean up nicely’ 5 day-per mornings. When the reality of my creative dreams hit me moved me, I quickly shifted gears and settled for contracted work and continued to be about that life only occasionally.

Alas, if I was ever going to take myself seriously, in stepped the need for reorganization my time. Suddenly, the culture and lifestyle of physical work dressed in jeans and a cute pair of sneakers or Timberlands was what it took to get me positioned enough to be where I am today-in the midst of my field of dreams reality having moved beyond dreaming about it and talking about it.

Still however, for people like me (with people to see and places to go), you still have to revisit the ‘clean up nice’ department and put your pretty on like you once did five days per week.Tie Suit Tip

For women (men too), whether that be you or you’re apart of the 9-5 culture, like I mention here: Fashion from 9-5, after 5 or beyond, is communication, nonetheless.

Like any other lifestyle, the 9-5 culture is a lifestyle nonetheless (so like any other lifestyle), hacks are necessary for both life and style.

Believe it or not, there are

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