Fifty Shades of “Hey–Let’s Try This Again”: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Trailer/Teaser # 3 Released


Fifty Shades of Grey is trying to get its sexy back while recovering from a sleuth of reports running amock about the on-set chemistry between the two main characters (or lack thereof)—by putting out a couple new trailers since the original one.

Fifty Shades of Grey _ GIf_ USMagazine Other Side of the Fame2While the original/first trailer had all our tongues wagging

50-shades…“Christian Grey” has since-gone on record stating there was nothing ‘sexy’ about the seemingly hot scenes we were drooling over, and even sources close to the set of the movie have reported much-a-yawn about nothing [when it comes to the chemistry between the two main characters: Grey and Anastasia].

While the {#2} second attempt to drop a :16 second snippet of a trailer

…showed us nothing but the methodical way ‘Grey’ kept his ties (which, to the an analytical eye like mine) did nothing for me but further stretch my imagination and assumption that “too neat” people who methodical fold things, place things, and live certain ways (without some much as wrinkle in a bed sheet) have other issues (deviantly sexual or otherwise going on).

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-10-Anastasia-LipsSo for me (already being aware of the movie/book’s premise), teaser #2 left nothing to my imagination-other than the fun I could have with a guy like that.

As for my anticipation (other than the fact that the big reveal of his-Grey-’s “issue” was control and liking certain things, certain ways—even down to how he gives and receives pleasure…judging from how he kept his things/surroundings and belongings: compartmentalized and “singular”…my imagination (versus the trailer) took me there.

But alas! Trailer #3 delivers! (and takes you there)!

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It made its rounds round the net this week to jump start us all [in hopes of forgetting about the unsexy reports, perhaps?]

Well let’s see what it does for you:

Did you yawn or fawn?

Whether it did, or didn’t do it for you, check out the 5 sexiest moments of the movie as compiled by our friends a Yahoo, and/or check out our GQ spread on Dornan (he did before even securing the role of the movie—that we’re more than sure played a part in getting him the part 🙂ChristianGrey_Fifty Shades of Grey

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