Superstitions and Super Things in ̷2̷0̷1̷8̷ 2019

If you’re anything like me, you don’t make New Years resolutions.

As the calendar turns and the clock strikes, I simply make a resolve to make peace with the past year and look as forward as I push for the resolution of seeing and thinking clearer and climbing higher than each year before.

I’m a naturalist and the “New Year” for me is at spring solstice-when the season changes from winter to spring–the first season of the four seasons.

But whether you subscribe to the New Year being tonight or in April, if you subscribe to superstition and New Years rituals, surely your busy trying to beat the clock by having the house cleaned spic and span while the black eyed peas are simmering.
Don’t forget to do like my mom always told me: Make sure the first person stepping into your humble abode at the start of the New Year is of the opposite sex (regardless if it’s a man woman, chicken or child), same sex: NO.

As well, tap into this  #AngFrankPodcast on New Years Resolutions and in advance, a blog post (if by tomorrow you already begin to feel you’re failing your resolutions or under the pressure of trying to keep your list of them)! And for the record: I love black-eyed peas and well…no woman crosses my threshold at the start of the year first—or in April because, just in case.


But so far, in all the years I’ve adhered to that, the year end sends me reminders: that each year always get better and I get more accomplished than the last. I keep climbing, successfully, everyday.

Enjoy your New Year and thank yous for rocking with the OSFMag brand of blogs, podcasts and popular culture media. Be safe!

And “don’t let those heifers bitches in your house first!”-Mom

*Hands up* Scouts honor…her actual words, yo. 


Seriously. If I had to grab a male dog to step across the foyer first, I would do it! Give me male energy of any kind, first, and I guess I’m safe.



Either way or regardless what, if any, your ritual…Happy New Year!

Looking forward to next year 🙂


Author: Angela Sherice