WILLOW SMITH Back w/a Style All Her Own, Performs At The Fader Fort & Holds Her Own

willow-smith-whip-my-hair590-1287777360 willow-jada-smithJust when we all thought we were going to stuff that 10 year-old girl whipping her hair back and forth into box with a rainbow brite style, braids, or pigtails and Barbie dolls-seen photographed walking hand in hand behind her famous parents, perhaps until she was 16-only to get introduced to the world of social media then selfie and narcissist her way through life and the world without a purpose-driven, substantial, pulse…we had to think again.

Hey look, when Whip My Hair came out, even I, in 2010, was excited to finally see a kid be a kid in music. I instantly got a spark of inspiration to write a song called Set it Off to submit-complete with a whole video treatment for that “little kid.”

Being the precocious child that I was-myself, I’ve taken pictures with Barbies that I got as gifts and never played with. And as an adult and versatile writer who grew from being a precocious child, teen [then adult] still, writing a book (or song) was something I never thought I even had it in me to do. I just never was a “child”-even when I was a child.

rs_634x959-140113174752-634.willow-smith-2.cm.11314So in hindsight, Willow having outgrown my lil’ song, and having turned down the role as “Annie” and few years later, re-introducing herself to the world as the young lady who made her debut whipping her hair back an forth that too, has cut it off, dyed it, been ridiculed, and had parents drug through the mud over who the public felt they should be as parents to a precocious tween whose now a teen, it was now time for the world to sit back and accept who she really is—even if they can’t understand it.

Thanks anyway: “Annie”, and thank you too, Angie. But no thanks.

willow-smith-fader-fort-performanceNow watch me rock: my way.

Having gotten a taste of the world over the few years since Whip My Hair, Willow Smith, the daughter of two famous parents who are known (and have been criticized) for being open with allowing their children be just who they thought they wanted to be in this life. The only warning they had to offer was: think about it beforehand, and when you go live it, don’t regret it. And don’t come back to us to blame us. Blame, or count it as experience and grow from there. Next time, you’ll make a better (or different decisions).

1393171440_will-jada-willow-smith_1That was the nutshell of the rules of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (where Willow and Jaden were concerned), turns out….it

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