FIFTY SHADES OF GREY-Areas: Set Trouble in Pleasure-dice On Sure-Bet Movie of 2015


50 ShadesThe movie adaptation for the book Fifty Shades of Grey is turning out to be every bit like life imitating art in the worse way right about now with lots of “grey” areas indeed [and well…in deed].

I know right? It was crazy.

When the trailer for one of the Hollywood’s most greatly anticipated movies went viral, it dropped like dominoes. All us bloggers and site owners jumped right at it like we were a bunch of slobbering animals stuffed in some pit-then down on a string came this great big piece of meat that we all jumped up and started scrapping for, remember?

No favor returned for us though, in that it’s too bad the passion between the leading characters isn’t as arduously exciting in any way like we all had for the movie when that trailer was dropped! Thanks a lottttttt get yours off already!

They did-literally. They got it off on us all-we were excited that day [the trailer dropped], we were convinced in those few seconds of a trailer, but lest we not forget: a trailer aint a full-length movie.

Fifty-shades-grey-official-trailerFifty-Shades-Grey-Movie-Pictures-From-SetJudging from the use of the semantics and words being up-played and played on (when reporting about the movie): “tasteful,” “artistic,” and “romantic love story” are being promoted as keywords coined to describe the movie about a powerful man “Christian Grey” and his naïve graduate student and submiss “Anastasia Steel” and their S & M relationship.

One source close to the filming of the movie stated a movie like such being transformed from a book like such must be tantalizing palpable, believable, and convincing as the vision that came to mind by just reading words in a book already, yet, Jamie and Dakota are having the hardest time bringing that visual true to life and that the leading lady is not “sexy” enough.


Dakota isn’t coming off sexy enough … Ana needs to be naive, not a dishrag.”


Let’s get something straight here, about “S&M,” “sexy,” and submisses:

fifty-shades-of-grey-_-In the world of “sexy” in observing [or being the participant] submiss in any S&M situation is that she/the submiss isn’t “sexy” in a movie vixen, powerful, sexually assertive, and liberated kind of way. In S&M, the submiss is “sexy” in that her “sexy” is in the apprehension, trepidation, and almost curious fear about it all yet, she lends herself (mind, body, and soul) to the moment, and the person to whom she is submitting. HOWEVER, there is a fine line of (while observing/watching and in this case: filming) of being too shy, scared, and insecure, VERSUS: naively apprehensive with a curious fear about being “taken” yet lending yourself (mind, body, and soul) to the moment or person to whom you are submitting (and being “taken” by).

Unfortunately, with a role like such where the greatest parts (expectations) of the movie have very much to do with “a powerful man and his naïve graduate student and submiss and their S & M relationship,” so for the submiss: “Anastasia,” extensive research probably should have been done-to the extent of knowing what the real life desires and fantasies (or experiences) in the real life of the actual person playing the role.

Do you personally like to be the submissive in sex/sexual situations?

Are you comfortable with being taken and used for pleasure?

Do you prefer pain, pleasure, or both?

tumblr_n9i33u7afs1qz5q5lo1_500Because the fact of the matter is, whether there is “chemistry” or “passion” between the submiss and the master or not, the act [of S&M] is solely based on the pleasure, and/or the pain, and the fact that all is happening to you (the submiss) is happening to : your mind, your soul, and your body while in the moment…none of which has to do with the person “taking you,” giving it to you, or that you’re submitting to. They don’t necessarily exist for attraction or passion (for you to submiss)-they’re just there to make you feel (pleasure, pain or whatever you like). Not to like them (or in this case) make people watching the movie feel that you “like” Christian, but that you are willingly submitting to what Christian is doing to you.

Yes, they should’ve consulted me, I would have had had their “Anastasia” picked-down to her talk, her walk, her facial expressions, and even to the way she blinked here eyes I tell ya! LoL.

All jokes aside though, in a role like such, you just can’t select somebody who “read well” for the role because unfortunately, the role is about the experiences even over

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