Missy2Skinny Minny Missy.

MissyMissy Elliott unveiled her new figure right in the place where she, herself, is fit to be after an almost 70 pound weight loss:alexander-wang-missy-elliott At designer Alexander Wang’s H&M show in New York.

“Just got off stage thanks @AlexanderWangNY and @hmusa for having me perform I enjoyed ..”

While Missy is skinny enough to have walked the catwalk with all the other models, the songwriting/rapper/singer/producing phenom opted to pick up where she last left off: performing on stage.missy elliott alexander wang hms october 16

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With friends Solange Knowles, Mary J Blige and Justin Theroux in the building, Missy blessed the stage with a remixed/newer version of “Work it” –a kind of Missy Elliott rendition of the old Right Said Fred runway model anthemI’m Too Sexy,” perfect for the atmosphere; Missy Elliott was right in her element-looking just that and out of this world amazing!

Although over the past few years, Elliott has taken a chill pill, it certainly isn’t because she herself didn’t have any work or will.


 “I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even hold a pen,” said Missy, who publicly revealed her illness in 2011.

missy_elliott_1360762Since being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2008, Missy’s everyday normal functioning (that we often take for granted) was compromised greatly.

downloadIt wasn’t until one day, while driving, her leg started jumping…She took her foot to press the brake and barely could—her normal routine bodily functions stopped her right there in her tracks-that’s when she knew something was terribly wrong.

15350__missy_lAfter suffering from severe mood swings, loss of hair, and dizzy spells, Missy had undergone radiation treatment and medication, which improved her condition.

In popular culture, we’ve only heard of the condition one time perhaps, back when 1992 Olympic runner Gail Devers suffered from the autoimmune disease which attacks the thyroid gland and as a result, produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormones which affects the body’s metabolic rate/temperature.

Although there still is no cure for it, the symptoms (which are weight loss, muscle weakness, hand tremors, insomnia, and excessive sweating), can be treated.

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As yet, we do not know if Missy’s performance was the catalyst for more to come, but she has been grooming and promoting her artist Sharaya to follow footsteps for success.


Either way, Missy is alive, well, and living: vicariously…period.1187-elliot10a


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