16 Things You Should Absolutely, Negatively Never-Ever Pay For (Say Money Experts)

download (4)Money experts say there are a ton of things we spend money for that we absolutely, negatively shouldn’t.

As I scoured the list I can pretty much agree because a lot of what we spend money for is fees for ‘convenience.’ And (after scanning it) I would have to agree that if we researched our options and/or were willing to enjoy the perks of many of the physical and artistic recreational forms of entertainment (and life’s necessities and amenities), we would save ourselves a ton of money—with our willingness to take slightly more time to research our options and give up the need for instant gratification for things we can get the same benefit(s) for.

Here is the list:

  • Wi-fi (away from home)
  • Condiments for home (that you can mount up from take out)
  • Napkins (for home-see #2)
  • Water
  • Bank fees
  • Fitness programs/plans/memberships
  • Mobile phones
  • Books
  • Credit reports
  • Computer programs
  • Ice
  • News
  • Tax Preparation
  • Cable TV
  • Long distance calls
  • Museum tickets


…I know right? You need elaboration on quite a few of things, I know because hey, although I prefer running outdoors, I happen to like public gyms over working out at home.

I have a crushed ice habit that sets me back about 6 bucks per day on 4-6 44oz cups per day.

I love clean over tap water.

Wifi and mobile communication’s a necessity for my business.

I’m a writer who sells books so…why SHOULDn’t people buy!?

I’m an artist and understand and all for paying for art so…why SHOULDn’t people pay for museum tix?!

I run an online mag/blog and sell advertising sooo…people actually do have to ‘pay for news’ in some way or another.


So hey…Talk to me “money experts.”  Give me a REASON how and why these things should be “free.”


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