In Radio Interview ANTOINE WALKER On EVELYN LOZADA: “She Reaped The Benefits of My Wealth And When It Got Tight, She Chose To Go In A Different Direction”


Antoine Walker OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 1It’s looking like ball players with stories to tell and about to start telling them.

The Boston Celtics’ 1996 6th draft pick, 6 foot 8 inch, 224 pound Power Forward [#8] Antoine Walker has quite the cautionary story to tell about how to lose $100 million in ________ …we’ll let him fill in the blanks for when he finally tells his story in a documentary set to be released in 2015 called “Gone In An Instant.”

For those who have never heard of Antoine Walker, [it is rumored that that] his 13-year career in the NBA met its demise because of a gambling habit.

Most notably however (as, this may ring a bell to you) you’ve probably heard of him being connected to reality star Evelyn Lozada who, since him, is most notably known to have been married and divorced to football player Chad Ocho Cinco and currently married with child to baseball player Carl Crawford-with whom she bore a child (Carl Leo) less than a year ago.

Although the two never made it to the alter, if you’ve watched the reality show “Basketball Wives” it was by relationship association of him that qualified her as being a part of the show as a “Basketball Wife.”

Well, in preparation for his documentary, Antoine is making his rounds-interviewing—letting her world his side which, according to his interview on a local radio station this morning; although he was in a relationship with Evelyn for years, she would have been an official “wife,” but [according to him] they were having major problems right before the “Will You?” and “I do,” and [according to him] Evelyn cut out on him right when the chips were falling down.

Evelyn Lozada and Antoine Walker OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 3No, no pun…but yes, literal “chips” (gambling) because as it was reported, his gambling habit is why he met his demise but let him tell it, Evelyn cut out on him when the money ran out, basically. Evelyn’s side of the story (back when “Basketball Wives” was airing) was that she left due to infidelity-not because of his having lost his money.

Talk about 50 Shades of Grey (literally).

Because there are two (or more) sides to every story-depending on who you ask. And well, Evelyn (via the reality show) has spoken [somewhat/around it]—her side (about why she left him) and now it is his turn, via the documentary set to be released in 2015.

That “grey” area will up for you to judge I guess, but just so you know, the ‘ballumentary’ is not going to be solely about he and Evelyn Lozada’s back story; he is going to tell his story about how he lost $100 million…(I beg your pardon)…$110 million dollars [I’m guessing in a way like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes] broke it all down to us–how one can go from having millions can go broke.

We will never forget that lesson will we?


At any…rate.

Per the ballumentary, just so you know, the premise is about how taking care of “friends,” “family,” [ gambling] and other things played a part in his losing $110 million dollars.

What is the conclusion/what he’s looking to gain from this, you ask?

Well, with the premise already given to you, Walker is hoping that his big reveal about all the mistakes he made will prevent young players entering the league from the perils he himself faced that lead to his downfall.

Antoine Walker OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEI wanted to be one of the ones to step in front of my story and tell of how I ended up losing my wealth and make it a positive thing. I think sometimes everybody looks at it as a negative thing, but I want to make it a positive thing and one, let people know how I lost my wealth, but also educate the new guys coming into the league and make sure they don’t make the mistakes that I made.”




As well, he had this to say about Lozada:

Antoine Walker OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 2My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth, and when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction. So that’s the problem that I have with Evelyn. That’s more personal. I dated Evelyn for 10 years. In 1999, I signed my ninth deal in 1999.

So she got to reap the full benefits of the whole process. She played her part. You think someone will have your back and that’s my whole thing.

Evelyn went on with her reality show (and we all know all her relationships she’s been in since me)…It hasn’t been about ‘let me make sure Antoine is okay.’ So that’s a big difference. That’s why I have a problem with Evelyn.

It’s more personal. It’s tough when you take care of some people and you make sure that they’re good, their family, their daughters…   (perhaps, talking about Evelyn’s daughter Shanice-with whom she had from a previous relationship before him-not a ball player we might add)   …and then they just go left field. We got engaged in 2007. We broke up for a minute so that’s what delayed the marriage, and towards the end, she left when things hit the fan.”

Well if you’ve watched the “Basketball Wives” VH1 shows, you’ve know Evelyn Lozada for being one to fight mouth, fist (and Twit). And well, although we can’t say for sure what she meant by a tweet she sent out to the world today having been an indirect response to Walker making his rounds (as he did this morning on the local radio station), but…we’ll let you be the judge:

Evelyns Tweet Antoine Walker 07302014

At any rate.

Here is the 9 minute radio interview.

Click here for Antoine Walker’s trailer for “Gone In An Instant.”

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