Love in an Elevator: SOLANGE Beats Up JAY Z Allegedly Over Hurting (or Hitting) BEYONCE


Well last time we saw Jay Z in an elevator, he was getting his mack on in “Excuse Me Miss.”

Excuse me. But so much for love in an elevator…because from the looks of things going viral; he got no love in the elevator this time around and instead, got run up on like a mack truck.

Last week, the Big Apple held its annual MET Gala fashion/themed shin dig in which its red carpet event holds the feet of many-a-celebrities “smizing” and striking poses:

and curtsying…being the ladies’ perfect gentleman:

But according to what’s abuzz in the world of social media, after the shin dig’s after party, Jay Z ended up being Solanges Knowles’ red carpet that held her feet as a video tape of an incident when viral.

The tape showed Beyonce’s lil’ sis wailing on rapper Jay Z with every limb, shoe, pocket book and ounce of strength she had in small frame. It is painfully obvious lil sis wanted Jay Z head on a stick if she could have. And no doubt about it, that is indeed Beyonce, Solange and Jay beneath the overhead elevator camera with her bodyguard, Julius, doing his best to subdue and keep Solange from getting any closer to Jay Z. She was clearly pissed as you will see [in the inaudible video tape].

Social media was set ablaze and Beyonce was under much scrutiny because understandably, blog sites were in a hurry to run with the story. Initially, at that time, only the first :59 seconds of the video was released where Beyonce appeared to be doing nothing to help her sister, her husband, OR stand in between them but instead; just stood there completely media trained even in a closed elevator-as if nothing was going on around her: poker-bodied (in the first few seconds of the video).

…but as you saw, in the 3:33 minute video, she did indeed try to intervene…………………(at around the 2:55 mark throughout):


Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

10364016_10152403911284732_5713148265994272345_n Considering the fact that the typically reclusive, private, and highly revered couple (Beyonce and Jay Z) are rarely, if ever, in the news regarding anything “ratchet,” rumors and video tape evidence showing Beyonce lil’ sis wailing on her husband raised plenty of eyebrows–with rumors surfacing that life may very well be imitating art, and that a verse (rapped by Jay Z) on Beyonce’s song “Drunk in Love” may very well be true:

“I’m Ike Turner, turn up, baby, no, I don’t play. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae said, “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!”

(In case you don’t know what “Anna Mae/eat the cake means,” it’s a common joke referenced to the scene in a movie called “What’s Love Got to Do With it” starring Angela Bassett and loosely based on the life and times of singer Tina Turner who was often abused by her husband and singing counterpart: Ike Turner. “Anna Mae eat the cake” was a scene in the movie where a fight ensued at a diner over Tina Turner (Anna Mae) not wanting to eat cake. Ike Turner stuffed and smashed it in her face-trying to force her to eat the cake). Here’s the scene:

At any rate, back to Beyonce and her rapping counterpart.

Although things looked a lot different in the above shown pictures (above the videos), after the elevator incident and the doors opened, things looked a lot like this:


Our guys: Termitez (TMZ) then show footage of the three exiting the venue in which obviously (if you listen to the tape) the surrounding crowd certainly knew a fight had ensued, as you can hear random guys taunting Jay Z after escorting Beyonce to her limo (to be with lil sis) and walking over to get in another all by his lonesome.


Nothing has been confirmed or denied. Stay tuned to Other Side of the Fame for the G’s if there are more to give yous.

Hopefully all is well  with Beyonce…and things are still on the run


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