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humor, popular culture musings, and provocative, versatile and authentic articles and write ups with organically unique perspectives written from critically analytic, and witty, slants unmatched and unforgettable.

The OSF entertainment lifestyle online magazine caters to a male and female universal-wide audience that have varying tastes a palettes in popular culture areas such as:As Seen at OSF

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Responsible for founding and breathing life + substance into Other Side of the Fame and major significance in digital online publishing is Angie, an:Ang03172015

Besides all that, just a girl with a passion for making things better or work and as a result of that, so goes my little name up in the big US Patent Office in hopes and with full intent on bringing to products to the U.S & Int’l markets.

pop and popular culture aficionado who’s book + boardroom + street smart; Angie’s an avid interpersonal and social enthusiast skilled at the game life and social politics with an educational background in media/journalism, psychology, and philosophy who accidentally fell into, and just so happened to begin pen-wielding writer’s ink into a ‘blog’ about popular culture through 20/20 vision and insightful, keen, sometimes funny, often opinionated, one of a kind flair, swagger, and a way with words among wayward words…

On OtherSideoftheFame.com we make it all come together for our readers:


“Fun fact about OtherSideoftheFame.com that I feel may encourage you in your own life and style and whatever it is you do (or aspire to do): Everything you see here was done while out in the world doing what I had to do (totally unrelated to my blog) and simply making time for what I wanted to do-all with a mere plan and a strategy in 20 months (less than two years time) time to today’s very date. Not one day have I ever been afforded or had the chance/opportunity to just sit here and build my brand and site (ever). Everything I did here was in the meantime and in between time (literally). So when I look at it all, it’s a reminder to rid myself of the general excuse ‘I don’t have time.’ “

The point and fact of the matter is: If you want something bad enough, you WILL wheel the will in to your time and day to make for yourself: A way. 

With good intent as a foundation…and if it’s a totality of all of who you are, what you do and what comes natural for you; you will be interested enough to squeeze it in and make it apart of your life’s style (whatever “it” may be).

P.S. Now once I consistently apply that very lesson to my exercise regimen–you sonsers had better watch out!

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