♛ – About OtherSideoftheFame and its HBIC

Other Side of the Fame's Alexa.com reader engagement

In November 2013, Other Side of the Fame originally started off as an alternative to posting down social media news feeds and instead, a platform in which a portfolio of news and entertainment articles could have their own homes.

Our force was felt quicker than we planned for and anticipated but we had to oblige as, we had already stuck our neck out there-thinking that with such a crowded blogosphere, we would blend in. Instead, we stuck out.

So in February 2014, we officially bought OtherSideoftheFame.com and made blogging an online mag/publishing business (and expanded with our sister company in January 2016)!

We rapidly continue to be one of the fastest, rapidly growing, popular, entertainment/lifestyle blog sites in the digital publishing industry and blogsophere.

Having only begun to secure blog readership since November 2013, it remains in a class by itself-mainly because of our versatility and keen understanding of social politics and social trend-combined with our write head’s education in journalism, philosophy, psychology and having been news writing & reporting trained–all the tools necessary for producing attractive, provocative and captivating content for our readers.

So unlike the average entertainment and lifestyle blog site, those skills give OSF an edge that enabled us to target a universal audience on a global scale as, our impact started off and remains uncontested.

OtherSideOfTheFame.com is your favored blogger & their fans & brand’s favorite blog!✩ 

AngAprOSF meticulously set out to be a content-driven blog whose write-ups and articles are the thick of the site which turned out to be what intrigues and attracts our readers + drives traffic to us on an international scale. 

Our words have power-literally.

“I didn’t start in-in search of finding, and eventually ‘found my own voice.’ I’ve always had my own voice. So eventually, I just started a blog-using my own voice. I’m just an interested girl and infoprenuer with a love for: Real, informative, useful or entertaining things who’s simply tickled by every day people and human behavior both socially and privately. So viola! “Other Side of the Fame,” is the name of my brand and digital publishing game where yeah, we blog about famous people, but as well, other stuff—on the other side of fame…………………. (hence the name).”

We are a blog mag mix of: