What’s Acceptable (And Not) When Friendships End + BIRDMAN Sits With ANGIE MARTINEZ & Discusses The Feud Between He & LIL WAYNE

download (3)Let’s face it.

Creative, professional, or personal differences can happen among friends. As time (and the times) change, it’s important that we give our friendships a fine tuning that (if the friendship is real), doesn’t require much fine-tuning as, your frequency is rare to never on two different spectrums of the wavelength.

Open communication about the greatest and even down to little-est things go a long way in establishing trust between one another either way.

Nothings most disheartening than to witness friends be friends, have a past, and made memories together-all for that friendship to go bust.

download (2)Every situation is different but one thing that should remain the same across the board in friendship is this one thing:

When you know someone so well, you know and have shared enough with them such that your absence should be punishment enough. In the event that doesn’t fill your soul (brokenhearted, angry or otherwise), no friendship shouldn’t be such that other people who knew you were friends (or the world) should know what should be aired out between friends.


When it gets to that messy of a point, either someone/s is a coward in pride or a coward of fear, and/or never really was your friend. Period. Because at that point, anything other than silence and separate ways is unacceptable.

My personal thing is—when being a listening ear to a person who you, yourself know was friends with someone who they are no longer friends with: Pay attention to how they talk about that friend—it says more about them than they are trying to convince you is or was so wrong about that friend. Everybody needs a sounding board, and often times-the person who needs to hear you isn’t that friend to you anymore. But when someone is your sounding board to what you feel or have to say about that friend, that says a lot.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were the sounding board of a friend (or acquaintence) that laid into you-terrible things said about someone you KNOW they were tight like