Whatchu Talkin’ About WADE?!” Is GABRIELLE UNION & DWAYNE WADE’s Union One Big Catfish?



I’m saying “Whatchu talking about Willis” just about as long as the video goes.


*Deep sigh*

Now see.

I effin give up.

Gabby ponytail gifYou’ve heard us refer to Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s relationship as the “struggle relationship” (but never out of complete sarcasm)…just hope ya know…*balls fist* Pulling for Gabby…Keeping hope alive.

Even after on-break baby…they made it to the alter. I heard holy hymnals and silver bells.


*Deep sigh again*

I’m just gonna turn this here news over to yous and go mind my business.noneofmybusiness gif

I’m just the messenger:





MIAMI — Healthy hamstrings aren’t the only things missing for Miami Heat superstar Dwayne these days.wade_wedding

His license to marry actress Gabrielle Union has yet to find its way into state records nearly six months after their Cinderella wedding!

And that, says Miami-Dade County marriage license manager Roberto Reboso, could be a problem for the lovebirds if they ever want to prove they’re indeed hitched!

“We know they’re married from what they said on TV,” Reboso said. “And they obtained a marriage license before the ceremony.

“But they still haven’t returned the licensed signed by the person who officiated the ceremony,” Reboso said. “So their marriage has not been recorded by the state.”

It’s yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Records show Wade and Union, the 42-year-old star of the TV series Being Mary Jane, went to a Miami-Dade County office to pick up an unsigned license Aug. 26, 2014.

Then dozens of their closest friends and most of Wade’s Heat teammates watched them exchange vows in a ceremony officiated by actress Essence Atkins on the steps of a mansion Aug. 30 in Homestead..(cont’d)


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