TYGA’s Turn: Tyga Invites Himself To Radio Show To Refute AMBER ROSE’s Claims He Left His Kid for KYLIE + Address His Issues w/DRAKE

 download (2)So Tyga makes his way through the jungle of all this he-say, he-say catfighting that went on yesterday between his baby mama [Blac Chyna]’s friend Amber Rose and his “friend” (slash) rumor girlfriend: Kylie Jenner’s big sis [Khloe].

Now that the two of them Amber and Khloe (obviously) exercised their right to remain silent-Tyga has spoken.download

As I mentioned yesterday in the blog, Amber Rose’s responses up to the point where her emotions took over [with regard to her friend Blac Chyna-rightfully so] were so on point (and believable if I may reiterate).

images (1)The part in her interview (as I pointed out in the blog I wrote yesterday) was the fact that while she was calm, cool, collected and indifferent about French Montana, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye, (and actually said a nice thing about Khloe-stating that while people believed she was hooking up with French-it was her-Khloe-that Friend actually really and truly loved) that wasn’t enough to keep Khloe’s claws from coming out. That’s because after all this indifference and calm, cool and collectedness Amber exercised (when talking about the people she felt indifferent about), the same could not be said when began to talk about

  • Tyga
  • Blac Chyna (her friend)


  • Kylie Jenner

…that is when things went left and resulted in the social media fight that ensued between she and Khloe Kardashian, expressing [quote]:download (1)

 “She’s [Kylie] a baby. She needs to go to bed by 7 o’clock, and fucking relax.”

“Nah that’s ridiculous, he [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself-that’s how I feel.”

“He has as beautiful woman and a baby, and left that for a 16 year old that just turned 17. Fuck that, I’m not with it.”

Obviously, after reading a quote like such, one would assume that “what-had-happened was”: rapper Tyga met and took up with socialite Kylie Jenner. From there, he decided to just one day-come home and make a decision to walk out on the fact that he was a father to a toddler son and almost husband to his fiancé [Blac Chyna] and instead, run off with some underage girl without any rhyme or reason. After reading Amber Rose’s quote, that is exactly what one would ascertained happened.

Well according to Tyga (who put a call in to trouble-spot radio show The Breakfast Club) where (with the exception of rap label owner and businessman Master P on as a guest)



…it’s something about sitting in that chair tends to bring out two extremes in their celeb guests: Fear/fretful (that Charlamagne is going to embarrass them) or the other extreme: reckless, and not well thought out responses to the blunt questions that being asked. But actually, Tyga handled himself extremely well, I might add.

Now I say that without my personal thoughts/objection to things I’ve heard him say (about black women and “the black culture”)-in withholding my opinion/response about that-I say (in the interview atop the OSF screen), in direction proportion to having listened to his response and explanation [refuting Amber’s quote].

As well, I say he handled himself well/answered (seemingly honest and with maturity) to what we reported about his online spat between he and rapper Drake where Drake took a moment to diss Tyga in a line on the lyrics of his new mixtape where after, Tyga replied, then deleted his response during what he himself (in the interview you are about to see) defended as having had a “lightskinned moment.”

imagesAccording to Tyga, unlike Amber’s version of he and his ex-fiance/baby’s mother Blac Chyna, together as parents (in an effort to raise an emotional stable child), considering their ups and downs they were having (as a couple) the two decided to break up over a year ago-he didn’t just meet Kylie Jenner and go running off with his “friend.”

Also, according to Tyga, they both share quality time with their son and as a matter of fact, have a great co-parenting relationship with [quote] “no pressure” [unquote]-a stark raving difference to what we quoted Amber Rose as having said–her understanding she has of the goings on between her friend (Blac Chyna) and Tyga.

images (2)

Tyga also said some very surprising and mature things regarding rapper Drake (which, now I can understand why he had that “light skin moment” as, having said that + his response to Drakes diss out there would not have been conducive to his mature statements (of honesty he said / felt about Drake).

download (3)

Tyga expressed basically, his issue with Drake is not about “public” Drake, but with the Drake no one knows privately. And while his issues with Drake are just that (private matters and dealings) “his music is great and it’s his moment” –is what Tyga expressed. Having said that, in a nutshell, he feels that his personal issues with Drake were personal such that their wrangles, should not be public-because it’s all completely personal and ascertained that while Drake has a great public personality, privately


 “I just don’t f*ck with him as a person just because of the experiences I’ve had with him personally. I’m not changing…I’m not going against who he is as a person to the public or his music or anything like that. His music is great.

“It’s not really a beef. Just personal experiences I had with him. Phone calls…and stuff like that. I feel like he’s a nice guy on the outside but he’s not genuine…he plays people left and right.”


Well, I’m gonna turn yous lose to Tyga.

Check out the interview atop the OSF big screen.

In the meantime, have at Blac Chyna out in the world doing her thing obviously unbothered (LoL at how she smacked his hand):

 And too, have at [a snippet] of The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show performance of Tyga and Chris Brown performing “Ayo”chris-brown-tyga-fallon

P.S. OSF readers.

Don’t read too much into my referring to the radio station as a “trouble spot” as it seems.

It’s just that I haven’t decided if that (unlike most radio or television interviews) the hosts go on and come on out with the questions that celebs usually forbid being asked pre-show/pre-interview, or if they’re truly troublemakers. I haven’t decided yet. I think it’s a mixture of both.

At any rate.

Listen on.