True Life: The Last Man That Came for Horror Writer STEPHEN KING Died The Very Next Day – Should Maine Gov. Paul LePage Just…Turn Away?


One thing about us writers is that we can make things happen to you, OR for you indefinitely—in ink (I swear by this).

But “Carrie” horror writer Stephen King is on a whole other level with this fact.

Take for instance that 1999 bizarre incident with the guy in Maine (who was distracted by his dog inside the car with him) tried swerving to avoid hitting King–but it didn’t quite pan out like that: The “Christine” writer ended up with broken bones and ribs, a punctured lung, and a skull laceration.


It didn’t end there though.

Low and behold, the very next day, the 43 year-old man was found dead in his home!

Before you proceed, here’s that story:

The story of the driver who severely injured Stephen King last year has taken an even more bizarre twist.

Over the weekend, Bryan Edwin Smith was found dead in his home in Fryeburg, Maine, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities say that no one had seen or spoken with the 43-year-old for about three days when Smith’s brother requested that police check on him. On Friday night, police entered Smith’s mobile home and found him dead in his bed, according to the AP.

An autopsy will be scheduled, but there was no sign of violence or foul play, said Capt. James Miclon, who found Smith.

“He was on a variety of medications for his health,” Miclon told the press Saturday. Miclon did not name specific medications, but Smith had earlier admitted to taking Prozac and Valium, while insisting they did not impair his ability to drive.

In January, Smith pled guilty to a misdemeanor driving-to-endanger charge in the June 1999 accident that left King with broken bones and ribs, a punctured lung, and a skull laceration.

Smith told police that he had accidentally swerved into King while trying to contain his dog, who was loose in Smith’s van.

Smith’s plea deal included a six-month suspended jail sentence and a driver’s license suspension, instead of the maximum 10-year jail sentence he could have received. The Maine resident had previously been convicted on a number of other driving infractions.

King, who underwent a lengthy rehabilitation after the accident, was understandably furious that a driver with such a spotty driving record was still on the road. The best-selling horror author reportedly purchased Smith’s van and planned to destroy the vehicle that had nearly killed him. (Source)

Ok so…with all that having happened, do you think it’s wise for Maine Governor Paul….(check this last name out): LePage…to be coming at King-publicly declaring that he is a tax deadbeat? This is what out source says:

Stephen King says Maine Gov. Paul LePage should “man up and apologize” after claiming the author has moved away and doesn’t pay income taxes in Maine.

While arguing for eliminating Maine’s income tax, LePage said during his radio address this week that states without an income tax, like Florida, have lured away Maine residents, including King.

King spends winters in Florida but tells the Portland Press Herald that he and his wife paid about $1.4 million in Maine state taxes in 2013 and likely paid about the same for 2014.

King says his foundation awards $3 million to $5 million in grants annually, mostly in Maine.

A revision of LePage’s address released Thursday no longer mentions the author. LePage’s spokesman did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment. (Source)

Hmm..To that end, I’m thinking: Now that LePage has gone mum, he must have gotten a snippet of the same article on his desk about what happens to people who come for Stephen King.

Ya think?