download (1)Although the rap group NWA, to the mainstream masses, was viewed as menaces to society firstly–because of the meaning of the acronym of the groups’ name: “Ni%%@$ With Attitudes,” and mostly: because they were a group of young, athletic, black boys: Straight out of Compton [California].

The judgment and precedent was set for them-no matter what they nwashould go rap about.

Eventually, they played right into it. The double-edged sword made them both: a success and feared, but definitely: revered.


Well, obviously being from, and raised in the (often times) streets of sunny Compton California; things weren’t always so sunny.

121003052601-rock-hall-n-w-a-story-topThat being the case, these street poets changed their personal life game-and moved on up from literally being in the streets. They formed a rap group-rapping about what, and how each lived, and what each learned thus far.

Their truths lead to lots of consequences-which, in turn lead:

  • Eazy-E (1986-1992)
  • Ice Cube
  • Dr. Dre
  • MC Ren
  • Antoine Carraby (1986-1992)
  • Arabian Prince (1986-1988)
  • The D.O.C.

…to be thought of as mere boy from the hood who were menaces to a society–deeming them all social deviants (rather than the talents each were in their own right).

Long story short, eventually, other big wigs became interested in the success of the group which in turn caused big notorious riffs from within, which eventually caused the group to disband-beginning with Ice Cube, who went solo.

Ice Cube put his feelings about it all on wax, you could always hear the hurt in his voice-even through the clever, quick-witted, cutting lyrics of the song. It was mad powerful and still is:


Among the founding members was rapper: Easy E.

Sadly (and most surprisingly) Easy succumbed to the disease of HIV and died of full blown AIDS in what seemed like…overnight-no warning (or rumors).



Unfortunately, many of the group members weren’t exactly on speaking terms, which left some in a strange personal space-having not being able to say “goodbye” to their longtime friend and former group member.



Well, the men are back now-in a movie ready to hit the big screen, to tell the world about their story.XXX-2443-20140620-89

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