Track Lists & Transparencies: Creative Ways Both Pop’s DEMI LOVATO & Rapper FETTY WAP Delivered Their Cover Art!

Eye I get it. We’re all transparent now. Whether it be aesthetically or (or social-synthetically) we just are-it’s the way of the world.CNafxpqUcAAEBxM

Up and coming rapper Fetty Wap decided to take on the transparent approach when dropping the cover art for his CD and while typically, album art is supposed to attract (like judging a book by its cover); Fetty Wap tried something unusual: Something that may repel instead.

If you don’t know, the rapper typically wears an eye patch over his eye that’s missing the pupil and iris.

Well on his CD cover, he decided to have a closeup of his face (and eye) sit front and center as cover art.

Thus far, his breakout hit “Trap Queen” and follow-up hit: “My Way” have been a success. Time will tell whether or not his transparency repelled or propelled him going forward.

For the record (and those who don’t know), the New Jersey rapper has gone on record to explain the reason he lost his eye as being an accident he had as a child which resulted in congenial glaucoma in both eyes. The doctor was able to save one and not the other.




Transparency was brought to us in another way as Demi Lovato recently dropped her sexy cover art



…and in another creative way by enlisting the help of the homies in pop music and beyond, to assist her in distributing the track list via Tweets [as a way to excite and prepare her fans for the CD titled “Confident”]. Cool! …Not just for ‘the summer’ (as Demi would sing). But cool for the camaraderie and cool points from me!


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