The #MeekNick Saga Continues: MEEK MILL & NICKI MINAJ Booed Up Somewhere on Some Couch in Philly


Unless you live under a rock (and care/are interested), you are aware of rapper Nicki Minaj and her very public breakup with longtime boyfriend and hype-man Safaree Samuels (“SB”) who since, has gone on with his “Rihanna look-a-like” and efforts to make his impression on the world with his new rap career cooking right now.

Although we don’t conclude what may or may not be (by piecing together mere social media posts and setting it in stone what we think somebody meant/or was talking too), since SB’s stunting and “going public” with his girlfriend human marketing and advertising plan, Nicki and SB posted:




A new day has dawned and [the world outside looking in] just got a bird’s eye-view of Nicki’s pics of her night in Philly with her new boo Meek Mill–alongside rappers Wale and Rick Ross on the comfy couch…(Well, we have to assume for a pretty certain fact that they are in Philly (considering the fact that Mill cannot yet leave the state pending the terms of his most recent prison sentence).

Either way-Mill is free and Nicki Minaj is no longer (since breaking up with SB). And if a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what #MeekNick has to say:




They say (with enough persistence and patience) dreams do come true.

As well, ‘they say’ if you can’t be with the one you love-love the one you’re with right.

So according to these ancient artifacts, both Nicki (unable to be with the one she loves/loving the one she’s with), and Meek (according to these vintage tweets)….are equally yoked by destiny and what ‘they say,’ ya think?


Vintage Tweets2 Vintage Tweets








Nicki hasn’t worn her hair like this in forever, so HELLO!: