The COMMON Snub: Did COMMON Snub OPRAH With a Mere Elbow Rub After Winning His Oscar for ‘Glory’?

common-oprah curvePut a lot of excited and well-dressed people together on one of television’s biggest nights and something’s bound to happen.

The Oscars certainly had its great [and awkward moments to say the least] while the stars were out dressed in their Sunday best-waiting to see who the big winner of the most coveted award of the night (Best Picture) would go to: It was non other than [the movie] “Birdman.”

Other big winners of the night were rapper Common and his “Glory” collaborator singer/musician John Legend-who both won for Best Original song [“Glory” from the “Selma” movie soundtrack].

Of course the exciting moment didn’t go without all eyes being on the two happy fellas which meant: cameras were watching, too. What did they catch?

Well, in what looked like an exciting moment of Oprah sharing her joy where with a hi-five in the air [and excitedly reminiscent of her role in Color Purple where she screamed: ‘I’s married now!”] the two Oscar winners (Common and John Legend) made their rounds of hugs and cameras caught what looked like a Common snub…..of Lady O.



It wouldn’t have been so bad and went over as just a moment were Common was over-excited and it happened innocently, but it was Stedman’s slight face and body language that actually made it questionable-forcing us all (watching) wonder if the Common snub of Oprah was intentional.

Considering these pictures earlier in the night (and the fact that no one would dB-dpA-FCIAA89olare snub Lady O), were just going to assume that (in looking at the quick few seconds of the awkward moment) considering the fact that Common knew John Legend was on his way around behind him (to hand out hugs); perhaps he was so excited to run to Selma actor David Oyelowo, that his intent was to reach back over to Lady O (afterwards?) but as we know-time begins ticking from that moment your name is called to win, to the time you make it to the stage, to the time you have to make your speech.

So…let’s just consider all those factors!

I’m sure (if not already) we’ll hear about it today as, here’s proof of what we know.

Common wanted to give Lady O the warmest hug of all: