Texas Woman SANDRA BLAND’s Phone Message To Friend + Intake Papers Surfaces – Officials Insist Suicide (Per Circumstantial Evidence) – SANDRA’s: “Concrete” Evidence Even In Death – Find Out How


“Anything you say or do can and will be held against you” is an understatement. And obviously applies not only in life, or arrest—but too: death (so help you God).

It’s sad that you have to really be mindful of what you say nowadays because people (and law enforcement) can gather various bits, bites, and sound bites as evidence to prove or disprove your (or their) case.

In this case: their living word against Sandra Bland’s death.

Although you’ve probably already heard by now, one of the most devastatingly shameful cases of police brutality (claiming “alleged”), resulted in the death of a 28 year-old Illinois woman who had just moved to Texas to start a new job.



Her name was Sandra Bland and she met her demise following a routine traffic stop and wrong turn (by which within the next 72 hours) she met a literal dead end.

A phone call (on Saturday, July 11) Sandra Bland made to her friend-luckily was left on a voice recorder where into the next day (still calm, cool, and collected) she’s in disbelief about how a routine traffic stop could have her sitting and held in a jail like such.

“I’m still just at a loss for words honestly at this whole process,” she said. “How did switching lanes with no signal turn into all of this, I don’t even know.”

Here is that recording and some other deets regarding what happened:

After being pulled over (for the routine traffic stop Friday, July 10), it is being alleged that Bland resisted arrest and assaulted police officer Brian Encinia stemming from an encounter that escalated after Bland refused to extinguish her cigarette. Encinia threatened to physically remove her from the car and use his Taser if she did not comply.


The phone call Sandra placed on the friend’s voice recorder that Saturday afternoon was one of 3 phone calls, the others: to her sister. Reportedly, she said she was “able to see the judge” with a bail set at $5000 where she appeared at a Waller County courthouse with Judge Trey Duhon presiding.


Friday July 10 she was arrested.

Saturday July 11 she appeared in court.

Monday July 13 she was found dead with a plastic bag over her head, hanging from the jail cell.


Although the routine traffic stop scene as shown above depicts what happened, this is the police dashcam footage turned over by officers—showing the footage having been altered and edited such that the very same vehicles (shown and circled) prove the footage was meticulously edited by someone with tragic editing skills and obviously left side visually challenged:

With a Facebook confessional from Sandra Bland stating she had gone through depression and PTSD (self-diagnosed), combined with the fact that during the jailhouse interview (just like a woman’s gyno office would ask her personal questions like: how many live births, abortions or miscarriages she’s had) Bland was asked a personal question: Had she ever tried to commit suicide. Her answer was “yes” (after losing her baby).




As a result of those pieces of information (that jailhouse interview and Facebook confessional), officials are lawyering up and using it as evidence to support their assertion that Bland committed suicide (rather than having been murdered)–which ultimately will be null and void because she is not on record of having been CLINICALLY DEPRESSED, her admission is a self-diagnosis. Them trying to use that as basis for her self-“hanging” circumstantial.

The problem is however, while officials are using every piece of information they can to hide what obviously is some foul play in here-that’s just it: it’s all circumstantial.

Whereas, terribly edited dashcam video and these pics of Sandra Bland surfacing, can be expert examined and proved as FACT as even non “expert” eyes see it:




Sandra Bland was dead in these “mugshot” pics and lying on her back, but the pics were presented as a normal mugshot pic of the detained on their feet.

The discrepancy is in the background and the lighting.

The mugshot background is grey in color …as is the jail cell floor (where it is believed she lay here dead and this photo was taken).


To even an amateur (but artist’s/shadow/light perception trained) eye…the lighting behind Sandra not only proves her body mass was weighed down such (because of her lying down) but it was because of that-it created a shadow ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR behind her head.

If you look at the mugshot of the other detainees (alleged to be of the same Texas prison as Sandra Bland)…there is no dark shadow behind him (we needn’t belabor the obvious that behind him is a wall and she-a floor). But as you can see, when his mugshot pic was taken, light perception fell right on him and didn’t create a back shadow—his feet supported his body mass from STANDING UPRIGHT.

But if you are lying down and a pic is taken while STANDING OVER YOU, naturally, your weighted down body mass falls back…and it iis going to create a dark shadow behind you—because a human head and neck is not flat. So when light meets that space in between the floor and the human head, a shadow will naturally fill it in…as did this pic of Sandra Bland’s.

Additionally, it should be noted, these words spoken by the Justice of the Peace (who was called to view the body):


Check out that statement. Smh.


I am NOT worried. Her “evidence” will speak while she’s not alive. And I think that lady will get justice. So much is coming in, from left to right…regardless of all, the main thing (above all this) is that I’m happy they won’t be able to toy with her self-diagnosing herself. I’m glad her claiming depression and PTSD was what she felt rather than what was on paper.