Texas Cops Subject 20 Year-Old Woman To Body Cavity Search in Gas Station Bathroom in Search Of Marijuana

I’m guessing Texaco cops must be rollin’ ’round listening to one-too-many Lil’ Kim raps while out on their beats and assumed 20 year-old Charnesia Corely too, was a “b/tch that aint been through sh/t” but no “minor” and new about “stuffing half a ‘brick’ (drugs) “in her vagina.”


We’re still not over the shock and awe of this domino effect and rash of police-civilian encounters that are ending up in barbaric beatings, unlawful arrests and jailhouse deaths just yet, but as soon as we get a few days breather from the spiraling blue-suit trend, another walks in: body cavity search of women.

During a routine traffic stop in Harris County (Texas), the woman was apprehended, downright humiliated and sexually assaulted-to add insult to entry—literally.

On June 21st, while on her way to pick up medication for mother, the male officer pulled Corely over. While apprehended, he said he “smelled weed” and from there, the cop asked the young woman to step out of the car, placed her in handcuffs and put her in the back of his squad car (then proceeded to search the vehicle for over an hour in search of following his nose).

The subsequent search turned up