Tammy Torres – Girl in Middle of LIL WAYNE & DRAKE Throwback Fallout Threatens Her Rendition of “Tell All” Should WAYNE Mention Her in the Book

If you remember a couple years ago, rumors were surfacing that (while in jail) Lil’ Wayne and Drake had fallout boy, as it was rumored that Drake had slept with Wayne’s girlfriend (who, at the time-everybody assumed was Dhea).lil-wayne_dhea_break-up_the-jasmine-brand

Leave it up to our TerMiteZ friends to do what it is they do.

Hell. Let you be mid-birth in the back of a taxi cab, somebody from the team is coming from the back seat, placenta in hands-hanging out the window to let you know the got the G’s on the story.

Well a girl by the name of Tammy Torres was pulled up on by TMZ photogs and asked about it.tammy-torrestammy

She basically stated that should Lil’ Wayne dare disclose the deets of the story, she will come out with her version: telling who was the better of the two. As well she says that Weezy shopping the book around and claiming that she slept with Drake the day before sleeping with him was full of holes.




Yeah…be it from Wayne or her side, we’re just dying for the deets on the whole shebang.


*eyes in head

On another note-literally (in all seriousness) this really must’ve been quite the tall problem in Lil’ Wayne life and weighed heavily on his heart perhaps. Because he did mention (in “6 Foot 7 Foot”):



Okay, I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded
I think you stand under me if you don’t understand me
Had my heart broken by this woman named Tammy
But hoes gon’ be h0es, so I couldn’t blame Tammy

…and well, since he didn’t blame Tammy, Drake was the h0e he blamed?