Stylist To the Stars JUNE AMBROSE Blasts ASHANTI’s Sister’s Threads


shi-and-ashantiMe and you us never part

Mackee da-da

Me and you us have one heart

Mackee da-da




Stylist and designer June Ambrose didn’t say she was included in that chant and pact.

Although Ambrose has woven her way into reality television and got her own style makeover to assist willing participants to utilize her services for camera time [pre-show, for-show, for sure] June took a moment to stick her needle into R&B singer Ashanti’s sister Shi-Shi about her threads.

When bay-sis posted a pic of herself online wearing black strappy toga sandals and gold le-mesh, elastic-waist shorts and blazer-sexying it out with a black bra, baring cleavage and mid-riff; Ambrose zeroed in and offered her unsolicited critique and expertise.




Although Ambrose did bay-sis the courtesy of cropping her face and lower half, from either or opposite sides of the fanship and globe—it ‘DON’T’ matter…the streets ‘iz’ watchin’ …so it wouldn’t be too long before these Internet streets would catch on.June on ShiShi

Soon thereafter, Ashanti and Shi-Shi fans went at June.



Tweet deleted out of the stratospshere (by June).