SPOTIFY Join Forces With STARBUCKS Against TIDAL In Ongoing Streaming Service Fight

I know right? It would seem as though with Tidal’s (seemingly) sinking ship its competition should be inclined to hang back a little bit?

(Especially with my blogging May 18-this “bright idea” I had that Tidal or Spotify could use to their advantage and competitive edge that by May 20, I bet Spotify’s hawks zoomed right in on… and within a monster 2-day brainstorm session…I wouldn’t doubt they figured it the hell out and ..viola two days later-announced their video addition to the service….hence, their impulsive, surprise, knee-jerk announcement on May 20 which will be followed by their “official” press release/conference on Wednesday, May 27 ).

Still, even with the valuable addition that gives them the edge over the competition-in considering the fact that Apple is preparing to get in on this music/streaming game (come fall this year), they are still taking no chances, cutting no shorts, and sitting all their ducks bucks in a row by getting their grind on with Starbucks’ assist.Spotify_Tidal_Appleimages (22)

Spotify has joined forces with coffee giant to offer benefits of its music streaming services to their customers and its employees by offering the service to its employees at a discounted price in which [it sounds like]  Spotify will act as a kind of Muzak [overhead music service for businesses]—producing playlists for its stores.

Although this seems like an odd pairing, the Starbuck’s franchise boasts a 7,000+ domestic location stretch of its coffee business sensation and at this point (especially with Apple preparing to step up its game) every little bit helps eh?