SOLANGE Spotted Out With Longtime Friend & Millionaire Poker Player PHIL IVEY + Out At Event Without New Hubby ALAN FERGUSON


Just what the public needed, eh? Seeing newly married Solange out without her hubby but rather: some other man (rich man, that is).

 solange and phil ivey phil ivey

Don’t know if you’ve heard about it but rumors are swirling that Solange has been hanging out with a long time friend of hers named Phil Ivey-Ivey’s known she and sis Beyonce for years. Reportedly Beyonce always thought Phil would be the one Solange would marry and was quite surprised she didn’t.

According to sources, Phil is a millionaire pro poker and he and Solange have been hanging pretty tight. Paps snapped a photo of the board-strategy professional and his newly married longtime friend to give everyone something to speculate.


Since then, Bey’s sis was spotted out at a shin dig at a hotel in Miami where she was walking around taking pictures on her cellphone–Alan on her arm-less.


But, that doesn’t mean anything, right?

Just enjoy how great she looks, her dainty sexy outfit and let’s check out the hot shoes again!

Solange 8