So Did IYANLA Fix KARRUECHE TRAN’s Life and Strife?


Karrueche Tran’s Fix My Life Interview w/Iyanla on OWN.

It came.

We saw.

It went.

Here goes.

Have at:


On over sharing on social media and the message learned from it:



On her “love triangle” with Chris Brown and Rihanna




Karrueche’s relationship “mistake” (as defined and advised by Iyanla)


Check out the full interview in its entirety atop the OSF big screen!


On another note:

…All I wanna do is get over the saying: “So-in-so had a ‘baby by.’

The Super Bowl is brought to you/us all ‘by’ (several sponsors and their commercials).

Human beings don’t bring ‘by’ us: another whole, human being with a heartbeat and breath of life—even if the woman/man with whom the/we had a baby WITH are no longer together.

Conception happened WITH another human being, regardless whatever becomes AFTER WORDS.