SNOOP’s Son CORDELL Turned Down UCLA Football To Follow FilmMaking Dreams -See How SNOOP Ran With The The News

Snoop Cordell

A beautiful father-son moment occurred after yesterday’s big news that rap artist Snoop Dogg’s 2nd first love of football [and played by his first born who], kicked one of the biggest blows and field goals such that it was sure enough to send any dog home with his tail between his legs.

Obviously getting the news that Snoop’s son quit football sent tongues wagging as, anyone who’s a fan of Snoop knows that football was his life.


Therein lied the problem: It was Snoop’s love—more than his son who played the game.


Well over the years, the game did give young Cordell Broadus some pretty legs, a great, athletic physique, some discipline, and mental and physical toughness,

…but as Cordell would have leave it: the game has run its course in his life and he’s on to bigger and brighter lit things: filmmaking.

UCLA’s head coach Jim Mora told the media:

“Cordell informed me yesterday that he has decided to pursue other passions in life – in particular his love of film through his company ‘Film School Productions.’  Cordell is an amazing young man with many talents, and we wish him nothing but the best as he continues to pursue his degree at UCLA.”

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Having had a few acting roles under his own leash, Cordell’s dad Snoop Dogg accepted his decision with open arms. And just like he supported his career in football, Snoop is on board with sitting in the director’s chair next to his son as he pursues his love of filmmaking.

Now as of yet, we don’t know if this change made Snoop hand over any hugs and kisses and displays of affection that Cordell longed for coming from his tough dad Snoop Dogg, but what we do know is that his gangster dad and former Death Row rapper did one thing for Cordell: bow down to lace the young man’s shoes while helping him get dressed for his evening.


We’ll take that bestowing of a bow from Snoop as a display affection as, no gangster bows to no man-not even a Snoop ‘Dogg.’


Good for them!