Singer TYRESE Becomes Someone Else’s Wishing Well: Full-Paid College Tuition At MOREHOUSE COLLEGE

Never knew what became of the tentative Coca Cola reboot with one of the soda giants’ original DonDada’s: R&B singer Tyrese–rumored to be doing a remix of his memorable 1st commercial, but all I know is that I was on board and treatment-ready in 2009 with my idea.

You see in his original 1994 Coca Cola commercial, he was dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans, Timberland boots, and with headphones on, walked aboard the public transit bus, paid his fare and does what he does best: sing.


Although typically, (and especially nowadays-as compared to back then) people would be put off (or afraid) of such an outburst on a public transportation system (no matter how good looking he was or how good he sounded), Tyrese fared just well and all was well then.

Fast forward (via the treatment I told Tyrese I would be prepared and ready to hand over for the reboot and new) he sure as heavens would have fared well this